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Thursday, 14 April 2016


I don't know about you, but whenever I come home from a stressful day at work/uni/life in general the first thing I want to do is crack open a bottle of wine. But y'know Monday's exist and I guess theres that whole making sure you liver doesn't cave in sort of thing; so here are some calm and peaceful ways to help you de-stress for those days when you just can't face people anymore.

Alone time is so so important: it helps you realise what you want in life; makes your mind clearer; and allows you to assess your thoughts. Or maybe you want to relax with your bae or friends, it doesn't matter. As long as you set aside some time to wind down after a long, hard day.

So, here's a little checklist that you can follow to have a completely chilled night. Because let's face it, you deserve it you hard working gal!

Make yourself a cup of tea in your favourite mug.

A good cuppa tea: breakfast brew, green, peppermint, anything. Honestly, there is little in life that cannot be solved with a cup of tea. Sticking the kettle on can cure a multitude of stress; and pouring it in your favourite mug makes it all the better.

For me, my cup of tea is usually first thing in the morning while I'm doing my make-up routine. Set aside some time for yourself, to just sit and enjoy it without thinking about what you have to do next on your list.

Or if you don't like tea (whatever creature you may be) - there is always hot chocolate....teamed with half a can of cream & marshmallows obvz.

Treat yourself & have some chocolate

Your waistline measurement doesn't exist when you're stressed. Honestly, it is a scientific fact, so don't question it.

Why not go for something that wouldn't normally have lurking in your cupboards (looking at your trusty Kitkats) as it's nice to treat yourself, especially after a really shitty day. Take yourself to your local shop after work, pick the best looking chocolate bar (or one of those 'share' - HA, SHARE- bags) and enjoy it alongside your cup of tea.

Go for a walk, stick on your headphones & de-stress

This is the best one for you: it not only clears your mind but gives you a lil' bit of exercise along with it. 

It can release all these endorphins that'll make you feel better about yourself, and its not even that hard tbh. Stick on a cosy hoodie, a pair of comfy trainers and take yourself out for twenty mins or so and just get lost in a really good song.

Hey, you could even walk to that shop to get the chocolate bar. 

(But remember that even on your best day Ed Sheeran can make you feel emotional, and walking the streets with tears running down your face is not a good look)

Buy yourself some pretty flowers

For me, flowers make the world a happier and prettier place. There's just something about having cute colours perked upon your desk that instantly make your day that bit brighter. 

The smell alone can help you relax; it helps brightens up your home AND think of all the Instagram pics you can take! 

Asda or Tesco sell them as little as like £3, they actually last a pretty long time and most importantly they make you smile.

Have a nice hot bubble bath

This little guy is the remedy for any situation, the cure to every stress level you've ever been to. When you're having one of those days where you swear to god if your sister makes one more backhanded comment, you might just need to slap a bitch...this is exactly what you should do in your hour of need.

Don't skimp on the bubble bath: pour all that fancy stuff you got as a Christmas present, because let's face it girl, you need right it now. This is the situation you've been saving it for.

Sparkly bath bomb optional- but advised.

Switch off social media

Social media can be stressful at the best of times, and when you come home from a day at the office where nothing you do is good enough for your boss, the last thing you need to hear about is yet another pregnancy/engagement/general life achievements of someone that you once went to school with.

If you can manage it, put your phone away (obvz keep it on standby for emergencies, such as a group chat panic of what your BBF is about to wear for a first date). Switch off from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it- everything.

It gives you time to stop comparing your life to others on the internet, and allows your mind to clear of any poisonous thoughts. If you've had a hard day: remember how hard you work and how great a person you truly are.

Read a bloody good book

Why not get lost in a book? Your mind wanders to magical places, relates to characters that only words on a page can describe, and makes you forget about your own worries for a lil while.

Sometimes you need to de-stress so much that you just can't even with real life.

Grab that book that you bought three months ago that you've been trying to find the time to read, and actually break the spine. If it's a good 'un, you'll be hooked within the first 30 pages and have already forgotten about that 12 hour shift you've just worked.

Relax with a face mask

Lush is the holy grail of all stressful days.

One of the best feelings when you're stressed is taking all your make up off, putting a fresh face-mask on and feeling like an absolute goddess. Lush's Rosy Cheeks boasts a refreshing scent that helps all your muscles relax and injects some glow into your skin. 

Face-masks are so soft and silky on your skin, they'll make you feel x1000 times better.

Plus, you can have a laugh when it goes all hard at the end whilst pretending you've just had some botox and can't move your face.

Light your favourite candles

Maybe not your Jo Malone ones ('cos you're saving those for when Zac Efron comes to visit), but possibly you're next best Yankee Candle one. 

Put on a pair of fresh PJs, grab that cup of tea you're about to enjoy and cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket. With your *second* favourite candle burning in the background, and all the relaxing scents infusing your living room, it'll be near impossible to not feel yourself de-stress.

Have a go at colouring in

I'm not even kidding when I say that adult colouring books are the world's most therapeutic thing in the world.

The Works sell them for around £4, but it'll be the best £4 you've ever spent. Obviously you have to buy some snazzy pens to go along with them, because you want to give Banksy a run for his money.

There's just something about trying to keep in the lines; trying to choose which one you want to colour in next; and selecting which colour theme you're going for, that makes your muscles relax and mind wander from daily, mundane life.

Put on your fave TV show/movie

Favourites include: Friends, Mean Girls, anything with Channing Tatum. Basically anything that makes you laugh or feel all good inside.

Chores/ house-work or uni work is out of the question if you need time to relax, so pick something that you've always wanted to watch, or have been saving up for ages. Don't waste time scrolling endlessly through your Sky TV Guide, being all 'OMG, there's nothing to watch.'

Stick a DVD on and relax.

Disney movies optional- but highly recommended.

Paint your nails

We're all guilty of putting on two really thick coats of nail polish then complaining at how we've smudged it.

Get your colour, top coat and even the cuticle oil out- pretend you're at some fancy salon and allow yourself time to do your nails. Feel good about yourself.

Give yourself the perfect home manicure, and not one where you accidentally paint your skin 'cos you're in such a rush.

Use some sleep spray & get a good solid 8 hours.

The effects of a sleep/pillow spray may just all be in your head, but I'm pretty certain that the smells help rejuvenate your mind, or something like that.

Spray a generous amount on your pillow, and allow yourself the luxury- you deserve it after the day you've had. Rest your head and it'll help you drift off a million times easier.

Sleep is the best thing for stress and helping you to relax: it can do you the world of good and allow you to wake up the next morning feeling like you can conquer it *insert muscly arm emoji here*

But most importantly just remember it was only one day, tomorrow will be better & you'll be back to your glittering self again!

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