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Thursday, 19 May 2016


The weather we got last week was amazing!

Scotland doesn't see much sun, so when it does we really need to make the most of it. At the end of the month a group of us are walking 35 miles over two days in order to complete the Three Lochs Way Challenge (read more in detail about what it is here). 

Basically, it takes place in Loch Lomond and is a mapped route by Scotland's Great Trails. I'm really looking forward to doing it and hopefully we get good weather. Last year, a few of us completed Glasgow's Kiltwalk (which is 26 miles in one day) for the charity of York Hill Children's hospital after my little cousin received amazing treatment from them when he contracted e-coli (he is, thankfully, fine now and back to his cheeky self!). We just wanted to give something back and raise money for everything they did for my family.

This time though we're not doing it for a charity, as we didn't want to keep asking people for money/to sponsor us every year, but as more of a personal challenge. Hopefully, with all our training we're doing, next year we can do an even bigger challenge and raise money for charity for that.

I'll be doing a blog post on this big walk- so keep posted for that at the end of the month!

Our group has been keeping active and trying to walk as much as we can- but with busy schedules, work, uni and even with children- it is hard to get a time when we're all free to train. Last weekend only 3 of us could make it for a training day, but it was good nonetheless to get a feel for what lies ahead at the end of the month.

We were so lucky with the weather (it was super sunny that day!) and not a drop of rain. We're praying this happens for the real deal. We're thinking that as long as it is dry, then it'll be ok! There is nothing worse than walking in the pouring rain.

We climbed both Croy Hill and Barr Hill on this day, and although they weren't that steep we still manage to clock up some mileage. In total we walked around 14 miles that day- not too bad for a Sunday, if you ask me!

For the Three Lochs Way Challenge we'll be walking around 16 miles the first day and 19 the next day- so day 2 will be the real struggle if our legs are stiff from the day before. Hopefully, since there are 10 of us doing it, we can encourage each other along the way.

(Also, I'm sure a few wine stops will help too.... For medicinal purposes, obvz).

We'll be carrying our own kit over the two days so I need to make sure I pack as lightly as possible. I'm thinking a change of clothes for the next day, waterproof jacket, pyjamas, deodorant, wipes and suntan lotion. I'll of course have my phone on me, my walking boots and sunglasses too. My food I'll try to keep to a minimum, with even buying a lot of it on the way from local shops as I don't want to be carrying too much weight around with me, but to make sure I take a lot of water to keep hydrated!

I'll also be taking my Fitbit along (to track how many km we walk and how many steps we take on each day) as it is such a good thing to help keep note of your fitness levels. I got mines for Christmas and it has encouraged me so much more to become active. 

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