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Friday, 13 May 2016


Alright, so unfortunately I haven't actually been on holiday anywhere, but they still came from Duty Free. My parents are just home from Spain and I asked them to pick me up these three little beauties at the airport because they always have great deals and you can pretend you're not a grown up 'cos you don't need to add VAT and all that.

So really, if you think about it, these purchases are necessary. In some way, I'm so sure of it.

Or at least I'm telling myself so (...whilst also hoping my mum forgets to ask for the money back, HA!)

Also, when I was taking these photos the window cleaner was outside and was clearly judging me, being all 'why is the girl lying on the floor rearranging a lipstick?' 
He doesn't understand the flat-lay life, obvz.

(I feel like right about now I should be hash-tagging #basicbitch)

But here are the beauty items in my teeny tiny haul, that I asked my parents to pick up at Duty Free:

L'occitance's Fleurs de Censier Perfume

I'd been tempted to buy this scent for ages, but found it hard to justify the price tag. But I'm so glad I took the leap and bought it. The duty free discount makes it a bit better too.

I have a few L'occitane products already (from hand creams to body scrubs) and wanted to branch out a bit more as I just love their different ranges.

This particular perfume is the perfect day scent with light, fresh and floral tones, and the pink packaging is super cute. I'd wear this for going out for lunch or some drinks in the sunshine. I tend to wear Alien at night, but find it too heavy and rich for an every day perfume- so this is exactly what i was looking for.

MAC's Fluidline Brow Gelcreme (in shade Dirty Blonde)

I'm a huge fan of MAC's brow gel (with having used it for over a year) and cannot recommend it enough. I tend to take a little out of the pot every time I use it, as I find it difficult to get the brush at a good angle to get enough product on it, and swirl a slanted make up brush to apply.

The consistency is quite creamy, but also dries pretty quickly once it is on your brow and sets it place. Although it is a little pricey than your everyday make up, it lasts for ages.

(Confession: when I put this on my brows, it stays on them for days as long as I don't wipe it off. Sounds disgusting, but it's actually a top tip)

MAC's Lipstick (in shade Jubilee)

Ok, so I'm not having a moan or anything- but I asked for the shade Kinda Sexy. This is not Kinda Sexy, this is Jubilee.

At first when my mum told me they were sold out at the counter I was a lil disappointed, but as soon as I tried on Jubilee, happiness was restored. I tend to prefer a matte lip (I just think it creates a much sleeker look) but this has a sheen on top. And I'll be honest, I'm in love.

Yup, Jubilee is perfect. It's the Velvet Teddy you've been looking for (in that, you love the colour but c'mon why the hell does it make your lips crack every 5 seconds?!) It's the subtle browny-nude you've been searching for. It's just great and I can't wait to pair it with some flicked eyeliner and hoop earrings, pretending I'm Jenny from the Block.

*flicks hair*

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