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Sunday, 22 May 2016


So I started off with good intentions... I was only going out with my mum to pick up some suntan lotion for my holiday....but one thing led to another...and my bank balance took a beating.

If I'm being honest though, I got a good bargain with these items (nothing cost over £35 each) that makes up for it I guess! There are just so manly lovely things in stores right now, I feel like I'm constantly eye-ing up different items and waiting for payday. This (small) haul is a mostly fashion with a little bit (well, one item) of homeware, because it is rose gold. 

And rose gold is everything in life.

Rose Gold Basket

Can you believe this rose gold storage basket was only £5.99?! Yup, what a bargain. 

I got it from B&M on Monday and couldn't wait to get home to fill it up. I've decided to use it as me 'electrical basket'- so for things such as my hair dryer, straighteners, laptop charger, camera cable etc- and it's under the mirror in my room so it's easy to reach the things I need from it. I love how expensive it looks (when really it was super cheap) and how clean and fresh it comes up.

I'm a sucker for anything rose gold, and became a total magpie when I saw this beauty!

Black Floral Playsuit

This was yet another bargain- coming in at only £15 from Tesco!

I don't usually look for clothes in Tesco (I'm not sure why but I tend to favour Asda's range over it) but I'm so glad I had a look. I was originally shopping for a swimsuit- for my weekend away *post to follow*- when I spied this. It was the print that caught my eye on a pair of trousers at first, but I'm not really a printed-trouser-sort-of-gal and was super excited when I realised it came in a playsuit.

Playsuits like this are perfect for a day to night look as you can team them with flat sandals or some high wedges. This will definitely be going in my case for my holiday to Alicante with the girls.

Bardot Playsuit

Ok, so I know I don't really need two playsuits- but this was a total steal too. I've tried to look on New Look's website to link it for you all but for some reason it's not online yet. But when it does (or pop into your local store) I'm urging you all to buy it. 

It has the cutest print ever and is mega COMFY. Of course it has a bardot neckline (because that's all I wear at the moment, obvz) but it also pulls you in at the waist, but is floaty enough to hide your holiday sangria stomach.

Perfect with a beach bag for any summer holiday you have coming up!


These Birkenstocks were the mother of all bargains.

I'm not even kidding. Usually these shoes come in at £50-£60, but for some reason Costco are selling them at £35, so I'm not gonna complain. Ok, so their selection of colours wasn't the best thing in the world- but for that amount of money off, I'm sure I can live.

I had originally wanted a plain black pair (my white ones I got last year look a little done, but still the comfiest shoes ever), but they didn't have any. These cute pink ones though stole my heart, and I feel like I'll get a lot of wear out of them since they're a lil bit dressy.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I know I've turned into an old women who picks her shoes based on comfort rather than style. But once you've tried a Birkenstock, you never go back. SUPER COMFY.)

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