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Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I'm really sorry if you don't have any summer holidays planned because my next few posts are all about holidays and how excited I am and what exactly I'm gonna wear and pack. So sucks to be you I guess, if you're reading this and don't have anything booked. 

(If you are one of those unfortunate souls, I urge you to steal the nearest credit card you can find and just book one, because YOLO and all that.)

So for when you do commit fraud, here is an insight into what I take on the plane with me. I tend to keep things minimal as no one wants the entire content of their handbag laid out at airport security. Let's be real here, taking your shoes off to go through the body scanner is enough trauma without the possibility of someone sifting through your toiletries bag on top of that.

Obviously I haven't included the basics like passport, money, travel insurance and boarding cards etc- because if you forget them you're obviously not excited enough to go on the holiday and should therefore donate it to someone who will overly ecstatic at the thought of going (aka mwah).

Making sure that everything is neatly packed in my bag is essential any possible stress at an airport is enough to put anyone off booking a holiday. Seriously, my family have nearly called the whole thing off one time when my mum couldn't find our boarding cards. Thankfully they were at the bottom of her bag, but my heart did stop for about 3 minutes when I thought my holiday to Tenerife was in jeopardy. No joke.

Here, everything is neatly stacked and has it's own place within my bag (hello, Monica Gellar). This means I know where anything else- especially my purse when the air hostess comes round with the drinks trolley.

Although I like to keep things down to a minimal when packing my carry on, I find it's essential to include things for me to do on the plane. This year I'm taking my colouring book and pens, and a really good book to keep me occupied when there are screaming babies next to me (please tell me this doesn't just happen to me every time I go on a plane?!). 

I find colouring in so relaxing, and while I don't mind flying, it's not my favourite thing in the world. The minute we hit any turbulence or we start descending (I get really sore ears) I start to panic a little bit. So, I'm hoping that this will keep me calm and distracted for any scary things that happen- like if there is something wrong with the left phalange.

Of course all mobile phones have to be on airplane mode when flying, so I'm going to create a great playlist on Spotify and download it to my phone so I don't need internet to use it. Or even a podcast would be good! My boyfriend listens to a lot of different ones, so I might see if he has any good recommendations.

Anything that can keep you occupied during a flight should 100% make its way into your hand luggage. There is nothing worse than sitting for hours on end being bored out your face. (Well, I guess you could get drunk...but it's so expensive on an airplane and they only give you miniatures *sob*)

Sunglasses are an absolute must in my opinion too. Yes, you probably won't need them going to the airport, but depending on where you're flying too (or depending how puffy your eyes are from the lack of sleep and all the air conditioning on the plane) you'll defos need them at the other end. Pop them into your bag so you're not left squinting when you get off.

Plus you'll look all Khloe-K like.

I knew there was something I forgot to include: tissues (because the airplane air con always makes your nose run)

I always make sure I pack my camera too- yes, this could go in your suitcase- because it's nice to document your holiday from start to finish. You might get some cute selfies at the airport too, after trying on every make up item that MAC sells. A spray/perfume is also essential as no one wants to be walking around all smelly.

What do you pack in your hand luggage?

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