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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I've been quite busy recently, so I thought I'd share with you all an Instagram round up on what I've been up to! This post is kind of like a diary sort of writing/chat to you, just on what has been happening in my life recently.

With uni being over for the summer (exams all done & essays submitted, woo!) I finally have some spare time to meet up with different groups of friends and become much more committed to my blog. I felt I had been neglecting my blog for a while, just with different assignments and occasions happening, but I'm feeling much better now I have a consistent pattern and lots of posts going up. 

As most of you know I also write for Pretty52, but the type of posts which I've been writing up until now have changed. Before they were more a funny sort of list, whereas now with different changes the brand have made I am able to submit more content. I am now currently writing the 'Life/Lifestyle' category on the website with some advice and tips on different areas- so check that out too! I'm absolutely loving this change up as I feel like I'm putting 110% into my posts, which include pictures and actively brainstorming ideas to write on. It also helps with my blog too, which I hope you all enjoy reading!

At the beginning of the month my friend Beth & I (Beth is also a blogger! Check hers out here: went on a spa day just to celebrate our exams and essays being over. We felt like we had worked pretty hard, since most of our deadlines were closed together and were heavy weighted on our overall grade, and just wanted some time to chill. It was so nice to spend some time together without talking about uni work, and the massage we each got at the hotel was amazing!

Like I said, I am now able to dedicate more time to blog and I'm really enjoying writing different style of posts. From fashion and beauty, to life and advice, I think I've finally found my spot on the internet...or I'd like to hope so anyway. I'm determined to keep this up and running as writing is what I want to do after all.

A month is never complete without a cocktail date! 
I love cocktails and finding cute little bars which make up lots of different ones. A few Saturdays ago, my cousin & I met up and went for dinner just to catch up since we hadn't seen each other in a while. It was great to just chat and these are some (of the many) tasty cocktails we had.

I'd like to point on I did a 7 mile hill walk hungover....surely this deserves some sort of medal or something?! It wasn't too high a hill (just a little one) but it was such a lovely night & the views were incredible since the sky was so clear.

I must admit: I am a HUGE shopaholic. No joke, my hobby is compiling ASOS wish lists, saving Zara items that I'll never afford, and adding MAC make up items to my internet shopping basket. This is one of my many finds!

(As explained above....I love shopping!)

Eee, this is the most exciting one! My 3 best friends & I have booked a lil holiday away for next month. Lisa, Hannah, Christy & I are off to Alicante, Spain for 5 nights and I am super excited. We all turn 21 this year and we thought instead of buying each other gifts, it would be better if we all took a trip together to mark the occasion. We all agreed that memories and laughs would be much better than a birthday present.
We booked our flights and accommodation separately (accommodation through Airbnb) and got a great deal considering how late we left it! But I cannot wait to just spend some time away with my girls, relax with a cocktail in hand and have the sun shining!

I mentioned in another post that my parents were away on holiday, and this lipstick was one of the gifts they picked me up at duty free. The colour of this lipstick is amazing and I'd totally recommend it.
(MAC Shade: Jubilee)

Lisa, one of my best friends, is back from Canada (she was studying abroad there for a year) so we went out for lunch on Saturday to welcome her home. The sun was shining, and it was such a lovely day.

At the end of the month, a group of us are walking 35 miles over two days (we are completing the Three Lochs Way Challenge) and this was taking from one of our training days! 

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