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Tuesday, 3 May 2016


For those that don't already know The Met Gala, also known as the Met Ball, is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. It marks the grand opening of the Costume Institute's annual fashion exhibit.

However, the morning after is all about the outfits. 'Who's wearing what' is the question on everyone's mind. 

This year it is all about the sequins (well, for the Kardashians anyway- and while Kylie and Kris aren't on this list, they amped it up big style with some major bling-age).

Here are our top pics from last night's gala:

The Good

Blake Lively

If I'm being honest, Blake Lively would look great in a bin bag, there is just something so elegant and classy about her. 
This dress is beautiful, with the chiffon texture and flower detail. It balances out Spring trends, but also with a hint of Autumnal colours. The fit of the dress (including the amaaazing cape attached at the back) is perfect.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall was easily the best dressed of her family last night, and with minimal make up, her dress is in the spotlight.
The colour palette is incredible (it looks like a stained-glass window!) and really suits her skin tone. Although the cut of the waist kind of reminds me of a swimsuit, Kendall pulls it off with simplistic accessories.

Allison Williams

The train of this dress is the perfect length, and the jewel-detail makes the texture look almost 3D.
I love the one-shoulder style and the matching clutch bag that Allison Williams teamed with the dress.
Her contrasting red lip also helps balance out the dress, without looking too much.

Lupita Nyong'o

The detail of this dress is INCREDIBLE. Lupita looks like a real-life mermaid.
The sequins are the perfect amount of glitter, without it being too much, and I just love the colour of the dress . 
Although I'm not a fan of the hair style, the diamond accessories, the pale green colour and the v-neck might just make this my favourite look of the evening!

Karolína Kurková

This light-up Marchesa creation looks like a Cinderella-worthy dress.
The flower detailing on the dress, along with the hi-lo cut is perfect for the model who paired it with simple strappy heels.

The OK

Alexa Chung

While I love the shape of this jumpsuit (and the fact it is a jumpsuit, and not a dress- something different!), the texture of it reminds me on tinsel that you would find on a Christmas tree.
But Alexa gets style points for the fit and style of the jumpsuit, along with her accessories (Just not the tinsel).


The Queen automatically enters the list...because she's Beyonce. But the rubber texture of the dress kind of freaks me out.
Like how long did it take to get into that thing?! Did she need talcum powder, or was it more of a vaseline job?!
Nevertheless, the fit of the dress allows Beyonce to rock her curves.

Kim Kardashian

Another dress, another sequined number.
As I said, this look was all the rage this year. But unlike her sister and mum, Kim breaks up the heavy look with a high leg slit. I love the detail of the skirt, but the top is a big military-robot for me.
ALSO- where are her eyebrows?!!

Rachel McAdams

I had huuuuge hopes for Rachel McAdams after her Oscars dress blew everyone away (remember the green silky one?), but this one I felt was a little old for her.
The gold tone was almost brown, and washed her out a little.
Although, I did love the bottom of the dress.

Sienna Miller

Ah, Sienna...if it wasn't for that AWFUL bow, you could have been in the 'good' list.
If it were me, I would have cut that thing off, but unfortunately I'm not Sienna Miller *cries*
The rose gold colour of the dress saves it (because rose gold is bae <3)

The Bad


Obviously channeling her inner Ozzy Osborne, Madonna somehow thought this would be a good dress to wear.
 I don't know whether it was the black latex, thigh high straps or the lace shirt-turned-into-floor-length- jacket that sold her on the look, but I don't think it works.

Selena Gomez

Selena what are you doing?! 
Usually a fashion queen, Selena's decision to team a girly, polka dot dress with a leather boob holder (I can't find any other words to describe the contraption) and high heeled doc martin boots put her on the 'bad' list.

Solange Knowles

Hello, Big Bird from Sesame Street.
Yellow is a hard look to pull off anyway, but when it has pleated pasta shells and brown leather peeptoe shoes added, there is no saving it.
The yellow tights also hurt my eyes, sorry babe.

Taylor Swift

When I originally saw this photo, I thought it was Taylor Momsen.
The dark lipstick and thigh-high strappy shoes make Taylor Swift look completely different.
While this look isn't the worst, I'm not a fan of the snakeskin material.

Emma Stone

If it wasn't for the belt and shoulder straps, this dress would be incredible (maybe a little wedding dress-y, but still a much better look on the whole).
The belt reminds me of Wonder Woman's new outfit in the BatmanV Superman movie, and although she rocks it, I don't think it's Met Gala worthy.

All opinions are my own.
Pictures however, are not. These are from (Unfortunately, my Met Gala invite was lost in the mail and I was unable to take my own photographs of my fellow supermodels).

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