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Sunday, 15 May 2016


Exam time is well and truly a-go. It seems like nearly everyone is stressed out with deadlines, assignments and exams.

Essays to write, textbooks to read, calculations to work out....ew. Let's be real- everyone dreads this period in their life, and cannot wait until they can relax with a lil glass of prosecco in their hand alongside a Netflix marathon.

Whilst it is important to study and try your best, it is also vital that you recuperate well after them too. It will help your body, brain, life get back into an order....and well, make you feel human again. We're all guilty of skipping things when we're pre-occupied with deadlines (such as washing your hair, and deciding to dry-shampoo it for the 4th time that week...).

Here are Pretty52's advice on how to help restore the glitter that was once washed away with those horrible, pesky exams:

The dream is to book yourself a spa day with your friend and just get rid of any remaining stress. Honestly, you don't even have to spend a lot (You could have one in your own home with a few bits & bobs from Lush!) as there are good deals over on Groupon or Itison.

Disclaimer: fresh white robes and slippers make you feel posh, when in reality you're used to bed socks and make up stained house coats.

A spa day is the ultimate pamper sash after exams, especially if your brain is completely fried after studying for hours on end. It allows you to forget the outside world and just focus on you for a while. Especially for us busy gals, it's important to take time out for ourselves after we've worked so hard.

When you're used to the walls of your bedroom with your head stuck in a book, this kind of day is the dream.

Swimming is so so good for you: it helps your muscles relax and clears your mind. Super important after you've just poured your soul into an exam paper/essay.

Take some time out from your busy schedule and just go for a swim. Plus, it still counts as exercise without being some scary cardio gym class. 

A great spa day with your friends can help get rid of those overwhelming emotions that we all encounter during exam period. You know the ones where you wake up in the middle of the night and you're convinced you know nothing for your subject; or the ones where you've wasted half an hour studying the wrong question....we've all been there. Treat yourself and relax, because gal you deserve it!

This kind of day is a definite must for someone who is constantly on the go and has a never-ending to do list. Sometimes we all need days, and after weeks and weeks of going out and having events and plans, where all we do is sit and chill out. 

Allowing yourself time away from the 'real' world (the one that has no doubt consumed you for the past month or so) is such a great feeling when you finally have the time to relax and no nothing.

Let's be honest here, after an hour or so in a jacuzzi, thoughts of any exams will be long gone. 

There is just something about all the bubbles that help you float away to a much happier place, whilst feeling pampered. It is a well known fact that jacuzzis are vital to help you chill out and finding your happy place. Plus it makes your body jiggle when you sit in one and feels all funny.

Making sure that you're mental state is taken care of after so much stress is important to your wellbeing. It keeps you in a good place and will help you prepare for anymore deadlines that you may have up ahead.

Pamper Time

Exams can be overwhelming and can take a toll on, not only your mind, but body. 

One of the best feelings when you're stressed is having no make up, and feeling as zen as Gywenth Paltrow (minus all the weird diets, obvz) and a massage can be the trick to relieving any over worked muscles during this period. This can leaving you feeling pretty much like an absolute goddess. 

Wrapped up in a cosy dressing gown teamed with your slippers, book a massage to help you wind down. A tranquility massage is perfect as it includes soothing oils and scents which assist in clearing your mind and body of any stress.

This type of massage is designed to take your relaxation time to a whole new level as it works into any tightness you have in your muscles and gets rid of tension in your back, neck and shoulders. The perfect one lasts around 30 minutes and should leave you feeling calm and peaceful.

A massage is exactly what a busy girl needs after months of exam stress and it will allow you to drift into relaxation.

Gaining control back in your life is what you need after months of panicking and stressing over your grades. Treat yourself, and feel great again.

Pamper time doesn't stop there, as getting your nails done are important too. I don't know about you, but my nails often get neglected when I don't have the spare time to sit and paint them. An appointment after your massage is the topping to the perfect spa day. Teamed with a bright popping colour (because gal, you've worked hard for this and need some vibrance in your life) and lots of cuticle oil for TLC, you have the perfect manicure.

Of course, no day out is complete without some food. After you've had time to spoil yourself with some pampering, take yourself for something to eat.

Refuelling should be at the top of your list too (I mean, you have just been for a swim and a massage.... so exhausting...). A lot of the time, the place you visit has a restaurant or cafe inside. If it's possible, drag yourself away from that jacuzzi and order some food and drink.

Prosecco is optional, but strongly advised.

A spa day really is the best way to help a busy girl unwind after an exam stress!

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