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Friday, 20 May 2016


There is a reason that staying in is the new going out, and it is so simple: you get to eat all the food and drink all the prosecco IN YOUR PYJAMAS. Yep. You get to do exactly what you do on a night out (including having a dance, which you can do in your own living room!) from the comfort of your own home Whilst wearing Primark's finest range of loungewear, obvz.

Don't get me wrong, there is something really exciting about getting all glammed up with your friends to go out...but there ain't nothing glam about spending 3/4 of your hard earned wage on one night out *does hair flick*. Staying in doesn't make you old and boring, it makes you wise...because at the end of the day it means more money to spend on wine or an ASOS haul. Mhmm.

Invite all your best friends over, turn up the music, and buy the best crisps that your local Tesco has to offer. Follow Pretty52's guide to having the best night in ever with your friends:

(A night which doesn't involve standing in the pouring rain, with your heels in one hand and a portion of soggy chips in the other, waiting on a taxi....)

Get Social

Ring your best friends up and tell them to clear their calendar. Phone the friends that you haven't seen in ages and are always meaning to catch up with. Phone the friends that make your belly hurt because you've been laughing so much. Or even phone the friends that you see nearly every damn day.

Now is the perfect excuse to meet up and have a great night together. A night where you can hear each others stories without trying to shout over a DJ playing.

Plus- the best part about nights in is that hardly anyone flakes out. Having a night out means you have to clear a busy schedule, work out what to wear, make sure you have enough money, get someone to dog/baby sit. Staying in means that you don't have these problems (and if you're really lucky enough someone might even bring their dog over *does excited dance*)

Be Organised

No one likes an unorganised host. Y'know the ones you see on Come Dine With Me who make their guests sit around waiting until they have everything ready? Yeah. Don't be one of those.

Take the time before hand to have everything that you'll need throughout the night.

Maybe even make a list? Now is not the time to forget important things here (things such as strawberries to put in your prosecco, of course)- and you don't want to constantly keep missing out on the chat while you run off to get something. Or, if your friends are up for contributing, get them to bring something along with them.

(Optional Tip: Vodka infused jelly always works well with a crowd).

Create a playlist

Pick some good ones- the type you can sing and dance along to since no-one is there to judge. 

The top of Pretty52's list is Beyonce, Rihanna and some Bieber (don't judge- his new album is good!) anything to get a party started. There is nothing worse than a sad song sneaking up after a dance track as it can totally change the mood. Let's be real, you don't want an Adele number creeping up on you when you're meant to be having a good time (they're saved for a sing a long in the car).

We like to use Spotify to create a playlist as it is so easy to do, and it has millions of tracks to choose from. Grab the best speakers you can find and hook your playlist up!

Provide entertainment

If you're up for a more relaxed, chilled out night, or even something for background noise- make sure you have some good DVDs to watch. Grab your favourite boxset or movie, stick it on and have a good laugh. Friends is always a safe option as everyone tends to love it.

OR, if your guests are up for it: play a game. This one is a lil risky as some people can be quite boring and hate games, but if you're lucky enough you might get a few that are up for it! There is nothing funnier than drunken twister or even playing the game where you have to guess what's written on your forehead as the other person acts it out.

(Warning: Monopoly can be a heated game, and Cards Against Humanity is not for the faint-hearted) 

Make sure your house is not dry

We of course do not meant that you have to flood your house, and it is totally ok if you don't drink or you're designated driver and can't. But for those who enjoy a lil tipple- make sure you have plenty to go around.

You're in the comfort of your own home, and with your favourite people surrounding you, you don't have to worry too much of making a fool of yourself. And unlike a night out where sometimes you think to yourself 'I'm not drunk enough for this club', you're just having a night in to catch up with some friends.

Why not even pick up some ingredients for your guests to make cocktails with? It can be so much fun making up different concoctions.

Check out Pretty52's favourite cocktails here

Food is the key to anyone's heart

Make sure you get the best food possible. I'm talking pizza, donuts, waffles, ice cream, whatever- tonight your diet is off the table. If you were on a night out, I bet you wouldn't think twice to getting a kebab or chips and cheese on the way home. 

Either make something, order in from your favourite take away, or get your friends to all chip in and help. It's nice to just pick at things throughout the night, whilst chatting.

Staying in means you can choose whatever you like to eat! For dessert, hy not get some waffles, load them up with ice cream and cover them in chocolate sauce *drools*.

Create memories

The most important on the list! Set your camera up and get it ready for the night ahead.

Make sure you take lots of photographs to remember nights in with your friends. Document these occasions, and have something to look back on in a few years when all your lives might have changed.

Drunken selfies are not restricted to nights out- take as many silly photos as you can, but also try to capture a couple nice ones too.

What's your favourite thing to do on a night in with your friends?

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