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Monday, 9 May 2016


Life would be so much easier if we were Beyonce or Jennifer Lawrence, but unfortunately life plays out random cards and you've got to handle what you're dealt with in the game of life.

There are certain things though that every gal should know for tackling those extra crappy days or some pointers to help you seem like you've got this whole adulthood thing down.

Yes, our teenage years taught us some valuable life lessons, such as making the world's best pizza at 3am after drinking a lot of vodka or just how many layers of foundation you need to cover the love- bite on your neck.

But there are some other life wisdoms too, that can help out in a time of need.

Here are Pretty52's top life lessons because everyone is just trying to get through life (and preferably without flashing their pants when they bend over in a short dress):

Contrary to what you mind think in high school, university, whatever- bad grades don't mean everything. 
Just because you got a bad grade, it does not reflect you're overall capabilities. Brush yourself off, go make a coffee and rule the world like the sassy girl you are.

A cup of tea will solve most problems.
Ok, so it might not actually solve the problem, but it can sure as hell try. Sticking the kettle on can start off any difficult conversation, and people always love if you're there for them (especially if you come armed with chocolate biscuits too).

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Yes, we all love a good gossip or laugh as the next person- but remember everyone is trying to get through life, just as you are. Keep in mind other people's happiness and play nice.

TV shows and movies lie- women do not sleep in fancy underwear or lace night-dresses.
Unless you're realllyyyyy trying to impress a guy, comfy pyjamas are where it's at. Especially when they're about 3 sizes too big for you.

Social media is not reality.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it- they are all distorted. The only show the really good or the really bad in people's life, not the mundane and simple moments that help create you as a unique person. Don't believe everything you read- live life for you, not the internet.

A bold brow is always better.

Double texting (and even worse...DRUNK double texting) can only end badly.
Let's be real here, nothing good has ever come from double texting a boy. You only look desperate, and if he's not texting you back the first time, he's trying to tell you something. Move on and find better.

Topshop sizing is out to get you.
Don't worry, their sizing is tiny on everyone- it's not just you. Do not let the number on your jeans define you as a person.

Friendships are important.
While most will require effort, they should not require work. Best friends are those who are able to pick up exactly where you both left off....whether it has been five minutes, or five months. And remember: the type that make you feel bad about yourself, are not real friends.

Save for something you want.
Opening a savings account and transferring a certain amount every month will legit make you feel like you've got your life together (extra ASOS haul, here we come!).

Happiness, memories and relationships are ultimate life goals.
Remember that the ones you love the most, and doing the things that make you happy should hold priority in your life.

Make up should not be applied drunk.
Applying make up in a toilet after a bottle of wine is not a good look. Step away from the blusher, and go have a good night instead.

Success will come in time.
Did you know JK Rowling was 32 when Harry Potter was first published? AND, was rejected many-a-time before she got recognition? Don't worry about thinking if you're behind in life, things might seem thought just now, but good times are ahead.

Peppermint tea is bae <3
Whether you're hungover or not feeling well- this is your friends. This type of tea will help soothe digestive problems. If you're about to go on a date but feel bloated, have a cup of this.

Sleep is everything.
The most important on the list, and can help you feel a million times better.

Leggings should be banned.
Unfortunately, 99% of leggings are see-through, and should 100% not be worn as trousers.

The 'feel-good' meal.
Beans on toast come in at only 370 calories- remember this for a day when you need all the carbs and all the comfort food.

Crying helps.
This does not make you weak in any way- it actually makes you feel stronger for letting it all out.

Feel good about yourself.
I believe that Love Actually should not be limited to Christmas. It is the ultimate feel good movie to watch at any time you're having a bad day. 
"...Love Actually is all around"

You are in control of your life path.
As much as you try to push it, Buzzed quizzes can't actually predict which career you'll end up in.

Finding the correct make-up.
An accurate shade of foundation is very important, let's be honest. It will prevent you from looking either like a ghost or an oompa loompa.

The perfect picture.
Selfies should always be taken from a high angle with good lighting to avoid any double chins. You can thank me later ;)

Underwear is key.
While you can scrimp and save on dresses and top; a good bra, a pair of jeans and a swimming costume are essentials. Take yourself to get measured to find something that is a good fit.

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