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Saturday, 28 May 2016


It should really be documented somewhere that the world's hardest task is trying to pinpoint a date when 10 people are free at the same time. Seriously, it's unbelievably challenging to find a date that suits everyone.

But sometimes miracles happen, dreams come true and all your wishes are granted. Yup, because it happened. 9 of my closest friends and I found a date. Ok, so there were meant to be more than 10 and a few couldn't make it through work etc etc, but I think 10 people agreeing to actively do something is an achievement.


(This post is scheduled to go up after I've been away, because organisation is bae, but I wanted to give you guys a look into what I'm packing before I go!)

We've booked a cottage for a weekend away in Dumfries which include a HOT-TUB. I feel like I will have made it in life when I'm chilling in it, with a glass of prosecco in my hand. And I honestly can't wait to have a few days away with some of the best people in my life.

However, it is still in Scotland so we can never be sure what they weather will actually be like, so I've tried to pack for all weather types (including my swimming costume which isn't pictured because it's in the wash...inconvenient).


This part of my weekend away bag (which I'm still yet to choose tbh....I'm trying to find something that resembles a chanel bag, but is actually the real-life Tardis inside so Blair won't shout at me for packing 7 pairs of shoes) is for all the bits and pieces that I'm likely to forget. 

I'm hoping to get some good pictures for my blog while I'm away, so my camera is essential to capture these moments! I'm unsure whether to take my polaroid (however, this means I'll need to buy more film roll- and LOL that could be money for wine) or my DSLR. I'll decide neither the time, but whichever I decide on, I'm definitely taking one to get some good group photos. 


I've also included some dvds - romcoms obvz- incase it rains the whole weekend and we want something to watch on Saturday night. I doubt the guys will be up for these types of movies, but unless they decide to bring any of their own, I get to decide I think. Only fair. 

My sunglasses are getting packed (with a case to prevent any damages!) so I'm prepared if the sun decides to shine....or if my hangover is so bad I need something to hide behind. My phone charger is included because a gal can't go an hour without scrolling instagram, along with my really cute cup which has a motto on it that I feel will describe the entire weekend.


I've tried to keep my make up to a minimum, and have managed to pack all my brushes and cosmetics into one bag. I've included a primer, foundation, blusher, mascara, a lipstick and a brow gel- which for me, is pretty good. I'm usually the type of person who will pack 5 lipsticks 'just incase' (incase of what though I don't know).

Dry shampoo (OF COURSE!) is a must for any weekend away. We leave on the Friday and come home on the Sunday, and I'm pretty lucky with my hair. Because it is quite thick- and also down to the fact it's bleached- I don't need to wash it a lot. So if I wash it on the day we'll leave I'll get the full weekend out of it. I'm packing some dry shampoo just incase it greasy from the hot tub though. I think I'll leave my straighteners/curlers at home as I doubt we'll be going anywhere fancy, and I can just tie it up if I feel like it's too messy. My tangle teezer will also help with this- it is a god send for any tugs in your hair!

I'm packing my micellar water and cotton pads to take my make up off and to cleanse my face, and also some Soap and Glory shower gel to stay smelling fresh! I'm not sure whether we get towels or not, so I'll need to remember to pack one of those too.

Casual Outfit


(Mainly down to the fact I was still in my pyjamas when I was taking the pictures and couldn't be bothered to try anything on)

I'm keeping it simple the first day with wearing black skinny jeans, a white roll neck and a cosy jacket. The colours look a little boring but I'm teaming it with a fringed bag and some gold accessories. I think this will be perfect for day 1 as we're only travelling down and having some dinner- I wanted something I was going to be comfortable in.

Since there are 10 of us going, we have to take 3 cars & I've offered to drive and I've decided to wear my trainers, which are probably the best option. I'll wear these again if we decide to go any walks to explore the area.

Fancy Outfit 

While it is far from 'ballgown' fancy, it's a little more dressy than my last outfit. I've packed a nicer top for day 2 as we're all going to go out for something to eat. 

I've worn this top many times before but I know it is easy to style and I just love the print on it. Wearing the same watch and bag as before, I'm going to add some lace up flat shoes just to jazz things up a bit, along with my gold hooped earrings.

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