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Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Here at Pretty52 we're all about building positivity and helping to reduce stress!

Stress and life's daily struggles can often consume us: it is easy to find yourself buried under sadness, anxiety and worry. These issues can affect your body, mood and behaviour- and is something we should all work towards to help reduce in our lives.

In order to stay focussed and healthy, self-care is so important to help restore some balance of good in life. There are some things that 100% should be scheduled in our daily diaries. I'm not talking work meetings, uni classes or general life appointments here - but things that make our soul feel all happy...y'know like you've just found out that your bae is making macaroni cheese for dinner. 

Do things that make your heart and well-being feel good.

Here is Pretty52's guide to helping you manage stress and maintain optimism, 'cos its always good to have a list on hand when a 'Spencer Hasting type of breakdown' catches you off guard:

Begin your day feeling motivated

Carpe Diem!

Set your alarm with your favourite song so you wake up with a smile on your face. There is nothing worse than an annoying beeping sound first thing in the morning! Choose a song that makes you happy and pumped for the day ahead. This gives you a head start to help combat any bad day that could be up a head. 

Be sure to pick a time which will allow you to complete everything you need to do in the morning. Don't get stressed by rushing around at the last minute trying to do a million things at once. Give yourself some time and relax.

Hey, some people even think that mornings are the most productive time of the day. Of course, not everyone is a morning person (totally understandable, if you ask me) but seizing the day, and getting the most out of it, is something we should all start doing.

Do something new

Facing the unknown can sometimes be exhilarating, try something new each day that otherwise you never would have before.

Obviously we're not talking anything radical like bungee jumping or texting your crush first- but something that makes you like 'yes, I could 100% tackle this bad day.'

Doing something new can be relaxing- especially if it comes in the art of adult colouring books. Here at P52, we're all over this: colouring books are extremely theraputic as they allow you to completely zone out and focus only on what is in front of you.

Give yourself half an hour at doing something out of your comfort zone and you'll either feel really relaxed or super empowered.

Exercise / Be active

Exercise can help release all types of endorphins to ensure that you are happy and remain optimistic. It increases your mood and makes you feel great about yourself.

It doesn't have to be anything extreme like a HIIT class at your gym, just something simple as going for a quick run or taking your dog for a walk can help to boost your energy.

Add this simple (but fun!) tip to your daily habits and you'll feel a change in your overall mood everyday.


Meditation is a completely personal thing, and it is not for everyone. Some people are able to lie for an hour allowing their mind to wander, others will shut their eyes for a few minutes to calm down after a stressful day.

But this is all about putting your brain in a good place and making sure your mental health is a-okay. Self-care is important if you're struggling to maintain optimistic due to stress.

Why not try some Pilates, Yoga or even a YouTube tutorial on meditation to help you find a happy place. Apparently if you're well stress, you're less restless (which means a great night's sleep is guaranteed!)


This is totally obvious one- because what kind of life would you have if you didn't laugh at least once?!

Laughter has a positive effect on both the body and mind- boost your optimism by making sure you do this everyday. Research also shows that it is an effective way to reduce stress.


I bet, like us, you're on your phone 24/7: scrolling through Facebook, checking your Twitter notifications, and filtering your Instagram photos.

You probably have about 4 group messages going on right now on WhatsApp. And a Snapchat war with your best friend.

But when was the last time you text your mum, dad, best friend, anyone and asked how they truly are. Not a casual 'hey, hows you?' kind of text. But one that shows you're truly thinking about them. People appreciate you going out of your way as they know you care.

Why not ring them up and tell them to clear their calendar? Organise a night in where you can all catch up and relieve any daily stress? Follow Pretty52's ultimate night in guide here. (

This will make your heart all happy as you're building relationships and creating memories.

Tell your loved ones that you love them

And while you're at it- tell them you love and care about them! *Ewww. Disgust at showing emotion*

But let's be honest, nobody on their deathbed ever said that they wish that they had worked more. Start prioritising your time so you allow yourself to be surrounded by those who matter. Even if its just ten minutes out of your daily schedule to phone your mum up for a chat to see what she's been up to.

Try to stop worrying about whether you're putting in enough work hours (I bet you do more than you think!) and make sure you make time for the important people in your life.

Be yourself

Oscar Wilde once said: "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."

As cheesy as it sounds, it is actually true. Remain true to yourself through the day and feel as powerful as Beyonce does in Lemonade. Try not to let anyone put you down throughout the day.

Your biggest priority should only ever be happiness, so it is important that you put this first.

Write / Let it all out

Sometimes when it all gets too much, and it is to do with things that you don't really think anyone will understand, it is good to write it all out. It lets you explores your emotions without having to say it out loud.

Writing allows you to get anxiety off your chest and pour out anything that is bothering you onto a piece of paper that no one will ever see. 

Do it at the beginning of your day to wash away any negative thoughts, or do it at the end of the day in your bed to empty any excess reminders you have for yourself. Get rid of your frustrations or compile a to-do list for tomorrow- allow yourself to get a head start and feel more in control.

This will help you to stay optimistic if you use it as an opportunity to really assess what is stressing you out or weighing you down in life.

Have some rest

Even the best of us can get a bit cranky sometimes when we don't get a good night's sleep. An hour or so before you go to sleep, try and wind both your body and mind down. Put away your phone or laptop, and pick up a book instead (or even try meditating!) Giving your mind to turn off after a hectic day is essential to getting a good night's sleep.

Look out a comfy pair of pyjamas, go for a bath and just try to relax. Sleep spray and herbal tea help your muscles to wind down too.

After a good night's sleep you'll wake up feeling so optimistic you'll want to take on the world in a Jennifer Lawrence- type of way.

Remember to breathe

Yup, the most important one.

Remember everything can change in a day, and the things that are stressing you right now probably won't matter in a week, month, year. You might be having a bad day- but it's not a bad life.

Remember to breathe through stressful times and know that happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light (Dumbledore, you babe!)

With the knowledge that good things are coming, and being surrounded by your favourite people, feeling optimistic will soon become part of your daily routine!

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