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Thursday, 9 June 2016


We don't want to it jinx anything by saying that summer might actually have arrived, but.... it's looking pretty nice out there. If you're anything like us (meaning eating is probably your fave hobby) then this list is for you!

A barbecue is at the top of everyone's summer list, so get yourself prepared to have the best one yet.

Although they do come with a lil bit of preparation. You might think 'BBQ's are so easy, you just fling some stuff on and hope for the best'. Wrong. SO wrong. There is so much prepping to do: What food to buy? What drinks to get in? Who to invite? OMG, I haven't even thought if there will be enough seats for everyone!

But don't worry, Pretty52 have got you covered! 

And remember, the best thing about summertime barbecues is that they are an excuse to create a mini festival in your back garden…just without the feared festival toilets! 

Get organised

BBQ's are all about having fun: invite your favourite people over (hey, they might even bring some fruity ciders with them!) and start prepping.

Before you even think about food, you need to get your surroundings up to scratch! No one wants to go over to someone's house to find out they have to sit on grass that quite clearly hasn't been cut in about 6 months.

Grab all the deck chairs you can find and a big table, which you probably have lurking at the back of your garage. Make sure there is enough room for you to lay everything out...for Instagram flat-lay purposes of course, nothing to do with making room for your guests or anything.

Decorate your garden so it looks all pretty, put some summer tunes on and get started!

Get yourself a BBQ....obviously

Whether its a disposable one, or a really good one that your Dad 100% bought from B&Q four years ago but never used, you kinda need one of these bad boys to actually, y'know, have a barbecue.

Preheat it so that once your guests arrive, you can put food on right away. 

(FYI: Most festivals don't allow BBQ's because health and safety, so technically you're one-upping Glastonbury already. Just sayin'.)

Prepare your food

Depending on your preference you can have anything you fancy. With burgers, sausages and kebabs to choose from, BBQ food is incredible. You can just about cook literally anything on one.

(toasted marshmallows and 'smores are optional but highly advised)

Make sure you have lots of different sauces to chose from, along with napkins and paper plates. Although they might not be good for the environment, taking anything glass or ceramic outside could easily break and cause an accident. 

Chill out

What is summer without a frozen strawberry daiquiri?!

Luckily, you don't have to go abroad (or unlucky, whichever way you want to look at it!) since different supermarkets stock lots of cocktails. When it gets too warm, which it can be standing over a barbecue for a while, these will instantly cool you down.

If you're not a fan of these fruity drinks, cider is also a good companion with a burger!

Get a good selection in, so your guests have a choice.

Relax and enjoy

Now you can have fun!

With the food, drink and your location prepared, you can finally enjoy. Although it might seem like a lot of hassle to get everything ready, a BBQ is a guaranteed summer hit. 

Put your favourite playlist on in the background whilst you all lounge outside, and it really will feel like your own mini festival.
(Top tip: If you don't have a portable speaker, put your phone in a plastic glass to make a DIY one!)

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