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Sunday, 5 June 2016


Picture this: It is the night before your holiday. Your case is still to be packed, your boyfriend has decided he's still got three shirts to iron, and you're trying to figure out how EasyJet's online check-in bloody works....and then suddenly, you realise how much there is still left to be done. Your legs need shaved. Your hair needs washed. Your nails aren't even painted. AND you need to put on a lil bit of fake tan to hide world's palest legs.

No matter how much we prepare, the run up to any holiday can be stressful. Double checking you've got the passports looked out, making sure your travel insurance is legit, and praying that your flight doesn't get delayed. In the midst of preparing your travel documents and packing your suitcase, it can be easy to forget simple things.

Pretty 52 have made a super easy pamper check list to help you out when it comes to looking good for your holiday. Save this post for around a week before you go away. This gives yourself some time to prepare, relax and ensure you're holiday ready.


We all know how important it is to get rid of any dead skin on your body to help make way for your new tan. Grab your exfoliating mitt (you can get these from your local supermarket for about a pound) and rid yourself of any scaly, flaky skin *eww*

Make sure to use lots of replenishing products to give your skin a new and healthy glow. 

De-fuzz your body

Each to their own if people might actually like having hairy armpits, but for those who like to be silky smooth, grab your razor and get cracking! (Or you could book into a salon and get them to do it for you, cos effort)

Over the winter we probably go a little longer than normal between shaving our legs (hey, we need to keep warm!), but it is summer now. It is time for de-layering, ladies! After exfoliating, your legs should feel clean and now it is time to make them soft.

I tend to use conditioner instead of shaving cream when shaving my legs as it leaves them feeling suuuuper soft and the smell is usually nicer too.


Now time to inject some well needed TLC into your skin (which let's face it, probably doesn't see much sun on a day-to-day basis). Be generous with the amount you use. Hey, I doubt Queen Bey scrimps and saves when it comes to her skin!

The Body Shop's range tends to work well with any skin type and there are millions of scents to choose from. Apply on your legs after shaving, along with any other dry skin that you have. Moisturising is a vital step that your body needs before you go on holiday to keep it looking healthy and fresh.

Get a healthy glow

Alright, so this step isn't vital or anything...but there's nothing wrong with a healthy glow. We're not talking about a full on orange-tinted tan or anything, but just a base if you're hoping to get a natural tan whilst you're away.

Plus! Fake tan is better for your skin than full exposure to the sun...and it also prevents you from looking like Casper in day one and two of your holiday pics. Just sayin'.

Give your hair a good treatment

The night before you go away pour yourself the dreamiest of baths (link to other p52 post:, light a couple of candles (and y'know pour yourself a glass of prosecco COS YOU'RE GOING ON YOUR HOLIDAYS! *dancing woman emoji). 

Guaranteed when you're away your hair will be lacking moisture and volume, it'll have so much sand and suntan lotion in it that it will just feel disgusting. Treat yourself to a good hair mask (heads up: Aussie 3-minute miracle hair conditioner is the best) and let your locks soak in all the goodness.

Sort your brows out

We've all got our own preferences when it comes to our brows: threading, waxing or tweezing. Whatever your favourite is, there's no denying that a good brow has taken over our lives.

Book an appointment in advance to save yourself any stress of WHY CAN'T MY EYEBROW LADY FIT ME IN EXACTLY WHEN I WANT HER. Because chances are, the exact time you want will be booked around 3 weeks in advance.

Get ahead of the schedule and make sure your arch looks on fleek (or if they don't, just draw them in yourself!)

Paint your nails

No one can board a plane with chipped nails. I repeat. No one can go on holiday with chipped nails.

It's like the law or something.

Either book into your local nail salon (but, let's be honest, you're more likely to save that money to spend on make up at duty free) or get your best products out and do a manicure at home. (link to other post here:

Get your base coat, a summer colour, a top coat and even the cuticle oil out. Gal, your nails are an important part of this checklist!

What are your pre-holiday pamper rituals?

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