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Sunday, 3 July 2016


If you're currently in a long term relationship, chances are that your phone has never met Tinder before, and the thought of a cheesy chat up line makes you cringe inside. If you're in a long term relationship, its most likely that you're used to cosy nights in together or an exciting date night; not trying to pick a guy up at the bar.

And maybe you've been together for so long that you can't actually pin-point the exact date the two of you got together.

But as much as Sex and the City try to glamourise the fun single life, it's clear that all Carrie wants is her Mr Big...and a fab pair of shoes of course. Being together long-term means you're comfortable, and you're happy with that.

1. Netflix and chill.
Actually means watching Netflix and and chilling in your pjs. No surprises.

2. You're not afraid to point out each other's annoying flaws.
Not in a mean way obvz, just a 'WILL YOU QUIT SNORING?!' kind of way.

3. The 'where do you want to eat' question isn't that big of a problem.
By now, you have your favourite places that you always visit together. And most likely, always order the same thing every time.

4. You know each other's drink limit.
If you see your bf/gf absolutely out their face, you know it's time for you to slow things down to make sure you actually get home.

5. As much as people think it doesn't last...
...your sex life is just as exciting as it was at the beginning of your relationship.

6. You just know what the other person really likes now.

7. Flowers aren't the only romantic gesture to ever walk the earth.
As much as movies have instilled it in our minds, flowers don't solve everything. It's the little things, like pouring you a well-needed glass of wine after a hard day, that mean more.

8. You create your own secret language.
Theres always that one friend in a group that you just don't get on with, and in a long term relationship, all it takes is one look to let your partner know how much they are annoying you.

9. #TBT is your favourite Instagram trend.
You have so many photos together over the years, you could fill a whole timeline yourselves.

10. You learn to laugh at how weird each of you are.
The longer you're together, the more you become yourself as you no longer need to impress that much.

11. While you stop apologising for farting still giving fair warning.

12. You both understand how important it is to have time alone or with friends.
To ensure you don't strangle each other.

13. Emoji's in a text message don't exist after year two.
A text message looks more like 'I love you, but can you learn to put the toilet seat down please?'

14. The future is still a scary concept.
But you no longer have to worry why they haven't text you back within the last hour, if you know they're in it for a long haul.

15. You'll stop buying expensive and extravagant gifts.
And instead, save your money to go on exciting trips together.

16. You meet people who will no doubt say: "People in long-term relationships are just people who are way too comfortable with each other." 
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe chilling in your pjs, with your favourite person, watching netflix with some pizza on a Saturday night sounds HORRIFIC.

17. They're your happy place.
Because no matter how bad the day was, you get to come home and tell them about it. 

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