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Sunday, 31 July 2016


Long gone are the days of whispering about a boy you fancied and what push-up bra you should buy, and welcome the days of exchanging life advice and planning your whole lives over a bottle of wine.

Your 20s will show you just how important friendship is in life, and you'll come to realise who is there for you no matter what.

1. You'll learn that you don't actually have to be friends with everyone.
The people that were once part of your group that you didn't really like, will most likely drift out of your life and you'll be pleased.

2. You'll never actually be prepared for growing up.
In your heart you're all still teenagers getting drunk on Lambrini....where are all these engagement announcements and buying houses coming from?!

3. Real friends will be there for you no matter what.
You'll learn which friends to call in which scenarios. There will be ones you can call at 3am crying and needing advice, and ones you can call at 3am drunk and needing a dance partner.

4. But you will lose touch with some of them.
With some people, it will be expected but with others it will feel like a punch to the stomach. When it comes to friends who live far away, it will require more effort to keep in touch.

5. Facebook messenger is your main source of contact.
Group chats and funny giphs from your friends are the only way you can make it through the day.

6. Most of your chats will consist of 'OMG, remember when....?!'
Because you have so many amazing memories together, and private jokes that only you will understand.

7. You realise that some of your friendships are one-sided.
It's ok to realise that a friendship is coming to a dead end, it happens and that's life. If you find you're the only one making an effort, you realise who actually wants you in their life.

8. You'll argue but you'll get over it and move on.
You don't dwell on the past and know something isn't worth losing your friendship over. It's important that you challenge each other, and if you say something out of line chances are you were acting out of their best interest.

9. You'll find that your best friend becomes family.
The one that understands how dysfunctional your family is, and has been through everything with you. Even that time you tinted your eyebrows wayyyyy too dark for your face (and yup, won't let you forget it).

10. Bitchiness still happens.
Leaving high school you have a vision that everyone becomes nice and drama evaporates....but it's far from it. Some people will change as they get older and value your friendship less.

11. Guys can come and go, but friendship lasts a lifetime.
Being in love is incredible, but the older you get the more you appreciate spending time alone with your BFFs and how unfair it is to ditch them for a guy.

12. But make time for the people who matter.
With work, uni and a Netflix addiction, we all follow busy lives. You'll realise that life isn't as easy as it was in high school (with 6 weeks free during the summer holidays to see your friends), and that you have to consciously make the time to meet up.

13. You will realise that gathering all of your friends is the world's most difficult task.
Trying to pin everyone down to an exact date for an occasion isn't as easy as it used to be because of responsibilities. So rude.

14. You'll have a 'how would I ever survive in life without you' epiphany.
I mean you'd never been cheesy enough to say it out loud to them, but it's nice to know you've found someone who understands you.

15. No topic is off limits when it comes to advice.
Boy troubles, sex life, work name it. They've probably solved every one of them for you. 

16. Your favourite thing to do with your friends is order a take away and watch reality tv.
Pizza, Keeping up the Kardashians and your best friend. Is there really anything better?!

17. You become quite protective over them.
'Excuse me, I've known them for nearly 20 years. They're MY BFF, not yours.'

18. Your friends right now will most likely be in your life forever.
They will not only offer comforting words and love, but will also be sitting next to you causing havoc in a nursing home in 60 years time.

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