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Sunday, 17 July 2016


If you're lucky to have found your lobster (just like Ross and Rachel!) you'll know that there are some clear signs that make your boyfriend your best friend.

You feel the same level of comfort around one another and they know you better than anyone else. They understand what makes you happy.

1. You have had moments where you both felt like you couldn’t stand anyone else but each other for the moment.
And you think to yourself 'how did I ever survive without them?!'

2. You two have way too many inside jokes that no one else understands.
Seriously, you can be in a room full of people and make eye contact at the exact moment you’re both recognizing how stupid something was that someone just said.

3. You mutually dislike certain people. 
And you can both agree when someone is as annoying as Janice from Friends.

4. He lets you watch whatever you want without even complaining that much.
What a good lil egg.

5. Because in reality, you’ve tricked each other into liking all your favourite things.
See I told you that you'd love Say Yes to the Dress. I told you so.

6. He is excited to see you & actively makes plans for you.
Date night is your favourite night of the month because you know they'll have planned a good 'un.

7. You can be your real self with him/her.
There is no need to pretend anymore. You can be as weird and strange as you like.

8. As long as you're together, everything is an adventure. Simple things like washing up, or just going for a walk is filled with the two of you laughing.

9. You keep very little secrets from one another. Honesty is key in any relationship and with your boyfriend/best friend, you have nothing to worry about.

10. You always go to each other for advice about stuff. A friendship problem, a job situation... you like to talk it out with each other before making big decisions because you know they'll help you out.

11. Your Facebook notifications consist of them tagging you in multiple funny gifs.
And lots of pictures of cute animals, of course.

12. You've become weirdly competitive. And have minor heart palpitations at the thought of them catching more Pokemon than you.

13. You have fights and immediately get over them.
Yes you might not agree on everything, but you refuse to let a petty argument define your relationship.

14. And, let's be honest, your fights tend to be less about your relationship and more about who ate the last biscuit.
'It was MY chocolate digestive!'

15. You'd prefer a night hanging out with them doing not much.
You always have fun together, and you most likely have a Netflix marathon to get through too.

16. You annoy the living hell out of each other. But there is no-one else in the world you'd rather annoy than them.

17. You’re really good at doing nothing together.
If you could get a medal in lying around in your pjs and spooning, you would get the gold.

18. You gossip about your mutual friends ALL. THE. TIME.
And comment on exactly how they should be living their lives and what they're doing wrong.

19. Most importantly, you can't imagine life without them Or, what's more: You don't want to, you can see a future with your SO.

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