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Monday, 11 July 2016


Remember when you were 15 and you thought 'by the time I reach 20, I will fo'sure be totally grown up and will have my life in order.'

LOL. How naive you were little 15 year old.

While we all learn very important things in our teens (like the fact flared bootcut jeans suit no-one, and that over plucked eyebrows should be classed as a sin), the life lessons every girl learns in her 20s are much more important.

1. You'll learn what fashion/beauty/life in general trends work for you.
While others might be sporting a choker, and others downloading Tinder, you're now in a place in life where you're living life for you.

2. Friendships are the most important thing.
As Carrie Bradshaw said: "Maybe our girl friends, and guys are just people to have fun with."

3. But y'know when it comes to guys, you might sometimes still be a teenager at heart...
There is that one guy who you always go back to.

4. You might get a little curvier.
Unfortunately (as research shows, blah blah blah) the older you get, you might start to carry weight in places you never did previously. 

5. You'll begin to understand how important travelling and seeing the world is.
Go places because you might not get the chance again.

6. As much as we all wanted to believe it, bitchiness doesn't only exist in high school.
But instead of an argument that goes like 'why didn't you invite me to that party', it might now come from someone you thought was your friend.

7. But you're also now mature and confident enough to realise you don't have to be friends with them, and can walk away.

8. You'll learn that naps are everything.
They're your bae and nothing can replace them <3

9. Except maybe your SPF suntan lotion.
Because no gal wants orange, leathery skin by the time they reach 31.

10. You will figure out who you can truly count on to be there for you.
When life gets tough, which it will in your 20s, it's important to invest your time in those who genuinely care about you.

11. By the time you hit 20, you will have learned to cook more than instant noodles.
Y'know like the classic beans on toast ;)

12. You will eye roll at someone at least 23 times a day.
Usually related with Facebook statuses of those you went to school with.

13. While it's important to save your money, it's ok to spend some too.
Your 20s should be your selfish years, the years dedicated to you. Spend some of your hard-earned money on yourself #treatyoself

14. Tell people how you feel.
While it's important to bite your tongue on certain subjects, it's important to speak your mind on others.

15. Work in a job that makes you happy.
Yes, money is important if you're trying to get uni/saving up for something, but when it comes to a career you will be doing for the rest of your life: happiness > money, EVERY TIME.

16. But also remember that it's ok to get stressed in life.
Just don't do a Britney circa 2007 (if it gets that bad, you need a bottle of wine and your BFF)

17. Break out of your comfort zone.
Take risks. Be brave.

18. When you're hungover that there's no better cure than a strong cup of tea and fresh bed sheets.
*falls into paradise*

19. And you'll learn that you're worth much more than a boy who won't text you back.
You're much better off looking for someone who wants to spend time with you.

20 .Social media is not reality. 
It's completely distorted and only shows the good side, not always 'real life'.

21. Do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT, touch up your blusher or eyeshadow in a club when your drunk.
Or you will end up looking like Krusty the Clown.

22. But most importantly, come to terms with life. While the fact that, while your life might not be what you imagined it to be in your early 20s, it's still pretty f*cking awesome.

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