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Friday, 22 July 2016


If you're feeling in a relationship rut, a challenge could be exactly what you and your partner need!

It's easy with every day stress and life getting in the way to let the sparkle slid away, but this 16 day challenge is designed to help restore the romantic elements of your relationship. These aren't unrealistic challenges, but rather simple and easy things to help you appreciate each other.

To make sure you don't turn into that couple who sit silently across the table during date night, take Pretty52's fun and cute 16 day challenge:

Day 1
Make a playlist of songs that remind you of each other.

Get your spotify, you-tube or apple music out, and go through all the songs that mean something to each of you.
It can be the song that was at No1 when you first got together, or one you always sing along to in the car. Make sure you have a good mix of 'happy' and 'romantic' songs, so no matter where you are, you'll be guaranteed to always think of them.

Day 2
Go through childhood photos together.

Yep, even those embarrassing ones you wish you burned!
If you're in it for the long run it's important for your partner to get to know every aspect of your life. Grab as many as you can find and explain what was happening in the photo, and who you're with.
This will allow you to get to know each other even more...and have a laugh while doing it.

Day 3
Write them a letter telling them how important they are to you.

It's important for each of you to know how much you mean to each other. It creates trust, stability and makes you feel loved!
Studies show that simple acts of kindness are shown to be the most appreciated element in a relationship.

Day 4
Give them 7 compliments throughout the day.

You know yourself that when you have a bad day, you could use a little encouragement. Think of each other as a support system and show how much you appreciate them. It could be something as simple as 'you make me laugh', but knowing someone cares is a good way to inject some spark.

Day 5
Plan a future trip together.

Breaking out of your routine and planning a trip is guaranteed to improve your connection.
Discuss with each other somewhere you've always wanted to go, and do a bit of research. Once you've booked a holiday or trip, you can start a countdown for something to look forward to with each other!

Day 6
Watch their favourite tv show or movie- without complaining!

While you might hate Game of Thrones, your partner might be completely obsessed with it. They'll appreciate it if you put the effort in to even watch one episode with them. This gives a good opportunity to cuddle up on the sofa with some of your favourite snacks too.
And who knows? You might even grow to love it!

Day 7
Put at least one date night on the calendar for this month.

Regular date nights (no matter how simple!) will defos enhance your bond and improve communication. If you both feel like you're drifting apart a little bit, clear your schedules and pencil a date in the diary. 
And let's be honest, drinking exciting cocktails is always a fun night out!

Day 8 
Imagine how it feels to be the other person.

Life isn't always easy, and often relationships fall apart when we don't show gratitude. Your partner could be going through a tough time, so it is good to try and put yourself in their shoes to gain a wider picture of things.
Appreciate how busy their daily life is and chances are you'll see them as a brand new, admirable person.

Day 9
Resolve to have a 'digital detox' evening together.

Don't lie, you're always on your phone, refreshing Instagram and checking your Facebook notifications. It's ok, we all do it. But we need to remember that the people in our lives are more important than the ones who we interact with over a keyboard.
Put away your phone, tablet, laptop (ok, maybe not your laptop if you're having a Netflix night...) and talk to one another. Find out how their day went or how they're feeling about their uni essay, anything will help you connect even further.

Day 10
Tell your family/friends how amazing you think your partner is.

Couples who openly show their admiration and love for their partner to other people are more likely to have long-term romance. Tell your friend how touched you were that your boyfriend ditched 'lads night' for a night in with you, tell your mum just how much he means to you.
It might be embarrassing at first, but this is the person you're spending a good chunk of your life with right now. Shout it from the rooftops!

Day 11
Cook dinner together.

While it's nice to go out for something to eat, making a meal together makes it even more romantic. Go out and buy some ingredients to make your favourite dish, or whip up something with ingredients you already have lying around.
Double the fun is in the making of food, rather than eating it.

Day 12
Try something new that neither of you have ever done before.

We're not saying you have to do everything together, but try something new with your partner. It could be something like rock climbing or trying a strange food, just make it exciting. Bonding over an activity, and experiencing 'firsts' with each other, will guarantee to bring you closer.

Day 13
Drive 30 minutes away from your home and discover a new town.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and planning a spontaneous date is important to progress in your relationship. Travel to a nearby town where no one knows you, sit in a cafe at the window and drink coffee. Sit and talk with no distractions and go a wander round cute shops. Whatever you do, forget about work and distractions and make time for just the two of you.

Day 14
Leave them a cute note somewhere for them to find.

Whether they are romantic or funny, it's clear that laughter and a sense of excitement will generate immediate happiness for your partner.
Pack one with their lunch or lead them on a treasure hunt around the house.

Day 15
Make time for breakfast in bed.

Surprises like these, or making sure you start your day with your favourite person should be a priority. Wake up a little earlier to make sure you're not rushing around for the rest of the day...or even if you are, it'll be worth it to wake up next to them with breakfast in bed!
(And who doesn't love pancakes?!)

Day 16
Take a long walk together and hold hands.

Couples who hold hands have shown to soothe each other in stressful situations.
When your 16-day challenge over, go on a walk and reflect back on what you've each learned from it. Talk about how you each feel, and whether its brought you closer together. 

Chances are the only thing that was missing before was showing how much you appreciate the other person- don't forget how much you mean to each other!

Let us know how you get on with Pretty52's relationship challenge!

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