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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


1. Yay it's starting!
2. Was Aria wearing that top last episode?
3. I don't remember it being so ugly.
4. She must have been though...they're burying someone!!
5. It IS Rollins right? #plllogic
6. Hahaha Emily's crying is pathetic.
7. And why aren't they just going to the police?
8. I mean it's not exactly 'first degree murder Spencer', it was an accident.
9. I feel so sorry for Hanna and Ali.
10. Lucky those shovels just happened to be nearby, eh?

11. Hanna's like a broken doll, the producers need to give her a break.
12. You're right Aria, you should go to the police.
13. Yep, covering up a murder always works well Spencer.
14. How did Ali know EXACTLY where to reach in the soil for Elliot's Welby pass?
15. *sings to theme tune for 3828282th time*
16. I mean I'm not a detective or anything, but surely the first rule in covering up a murder would be to wear GLOVES?
17. Spencer's eyeliner looks so good considering the circumstances.
18. Enter Toby, the world's most useless police officer.
19. Poor Yvonne, they've only just got engaged and Toby's already choosing to help Spencer over her.
20. *pauses screen to read Welby testimonial on Rollins*

21. Ouch, that glass must have hurt Hanna's head.
22. Or maybe she doesn't know how to wash her hair properly if it's still lurking in there?
23. Lady Macbeth this a clue? Red herring? Who knows?
24. No one cares about your drama rn Caleb.
25. Get back to the action!!
26. Wow, Hanna really doesn't have to hear this. Especially after everything that's happening.
27. Now that Caleb mentions it, Spencer DOES have a cleft in her chin.
28. This scene is brutal. Poor Hannah, poor Spencer. Poor everyone but liar Caleb.
29. He's still hot though.
30. Aria in her RED jacket again...

31. Alison is surprisingly calm considering her husband who once tortured her is dead.
32. Where did she go?!
33. What a strange time to start work, Emily?
34. Do you get to pick your shifts or something? Quite a cushy deal you've got there considering you just started.
35. Also why have they left Hanna on their own? She's a fragile mess just now.
36. And now Emily's 5 minute shift is over. Probably away to sort out her unnecessary relationship troubles as usual.
37. Welby is just as creepy as Radley.
38. Promises mean nothing, Ali. They just sold you in to AD as Charlotte's murderer.
39. The security in this place is awful.
40. Yep that's it, Aria. Touch the torture device with no gloves on. Do these girls not understand the concept of fingerprints as evidence?!

41. AWKWARD. They think you killed her too Alison.
43. I miss Charlotte and her messed up ways.
44. Did she smile as she looked out the window?!!
45. *looks for clues everywhere*
46. That silence of the lambs mask still terrifies me.
47. We don't need more filler characters, Marco.
48. Why is Spencer staying to chat?
49. Ah! She needs an alibi for where she was that night...

51. Is Rollins even dead?!!
52. Spencer for god sakes, get a grip. Stop getting drunk and help your friends.
53. You've changed, girl.
55. *sighs* some things never change.
56. Spencer is becoming the most annoying character.
57. Oh NOW you wear gloves, Aria.
59. Yes! Queen Mona!
60. Although how did she know they were there?

61. How does Mona always know everything?
62. And where is this 'burner phone' now?
63. You tell her Emily!! You don't need this drama.
64. How do their eyebrows always look so good? Like, how do they find the time to thread in between lies and murders?
65. Coffee won't really make you sober, Spencer. You need a 3am McDonalds for that babe.
66. Why do they keep focusing on the Radley security camera?
67. My bet is, whoever owns that hotel, is Uber A.
68. LOVE Mona's earrings.
69. Jenna is back!!!! Can that b*tch see??
70. Obviously not or she wouldn't have chosen those trousers.

71. Why is she back in Rosewood?
72. Do the liars still not know Hanna called off her engagement?
73. That Jenna scene has made this entire episode.
74. Also, when you're hungover, as if you'd order fruit for breakfast. Where's the fried food at?
75. Jenna is still as shady as she always was.
76. Hanna's outfit makes me want to gag.
77. But I guess she has just been tortured with a cattle prop, so I'll let her off.
78. They always wear heels too, I'm lucky if I can survive a full night out in heels never mind a murder cover up.
79. Mona either fixes everything or causes everything.
80. Caleb is gone and left an empty photo frame. How poetic.

81. Where's the drama PLL? Where's the answers? I need answers!!
82. Aaaand Mary Drake is back!
83. I still can't work out just how evil she is though.
84. Anyone else find Toby a lil bit suspicious?
85. How messed up is Rosewood's system that they didn't run a data check on 'Rollins' when he became a doctor.
86. (Once again) #plllogic
87. Things have just got a whole lot messier.
88. Woah!!
89. Archer?!! Is this Rollin's real name?
90. And why is Jenna in contact with him?
91. Give me answers Marlene King!
92. *obviously leaves it on a cliffhanger*

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