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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


  • 1. I hope we find out how Archer and Jenna know each other in this episode. 2. Yay, it’s starting!! 3. Who wears shoulder pads that big, Aria? You’re not in the 80s. 4. They’ve just committed murder, their friend was in a mental institution, and yet they still wear mini skirts and heels when trying to solve the mystery. 5. WHERE’S YOUR NIKE TRAINERS?! 6. Mary Drake is so sneaky. 7. Also, why would it be ‘Doctors’ orders’ for Mary to stay in Alison’s home? She literally met her mum’s twin about 4 episodes ago that she had no idea of. 8. #plllogic 9. This may just be my new favourite hashtag. 10. That is the ugliest jumper I’ve ever seen, Alison. Who is styling the girls for this episode?
  • 11. *Two of them can keep a secret if one of them is dead…such a catchy song* 12. Mary there are other colours you can weather other than black, babe. 13. Oooo we’re getting some answers. I’m still not sure if I believe Mary’s side of the story though? 14. Who pays the mortgage on Alison’s house? Like she’s not been working in a while, and her Dad and Jason have buggered off. 15. Poor Ali, Rollins really did torture her. He was such a creep. 16. Oh god, that Sabrina is back. 17. Seriously Emily, you have bigger things to deal with. Your five-second relationship can take a break 18. Ezra’s back! For once he’s actually a better boyfriend than Caleb. 19. Ezra: ‘And it felt wrong keeping a secret from you.’ 20. Aria: ‘LOL. Not gonna tell you about the dead body.
  • 21. AWKWARD 22. I’m confused, what is Emily taking an exam for? 23. PLL drop story lines like Kim K drops information over snapchat. 24. Where is Lucas anyway? 25. WAIT! 26. So Rollins was taking Alison away to help her? Do we really believe it? 27. Ali, I don’t why you’re all like ‘nothing he told me is true’… you married the guy after 3 weeks, how much did you think you would learn in that time?! 28. And they can hack into a phone but can’t trace a number back to its owner? 29. Where is Mona when you need her? 30. Sassy Alison is coming back and I’m so excited!!
  • 31. Who has Alison’s money now? 32. Is it Mary?! Probs Rollins. 33. I THOUGHT NICOLE WAS DEAD?!! 34. Or is it A phoning Ezra pretending to be her? 35. I seriously question everything in this programme. 36. Oh, that’s creepy. A.D sat Emily’s test. 37. But also kinda nice? HAHA. 92% is a brilliant score. 38. But that must also mean A.D was sitting in that room then? 39. Don’t you have to show ID though before you sit an exam? Like a student card or something? 40. #plllogic
  • 41. Follow Jenna, Hanna!! Why is she even in Rosewood? 42. WHAT ARE YOUR MOTIVES MARY? 43. This is driving me insane. Is she good? Is she bad? 44. ‘Toby Wan-Kenobi’ 45. *cringe* get a grip, Spencer. 46. She’s becoming such an annoying character. 47. HAHAHA. That new police officer. 48. Isn’t that the guy Spencer almost slept with last week? 49. Um, Jenna you can't just open the door to someone's house if they don't answer.
  • 50. That's called breaking and entering.
  • 51. Does Jenna know they killed archer?! 52. Eww that apartment is a dump. 53. Stop touching things!!!! 54. Seriously these girls still don't understand the concept of fingerprints during an investigation. 55. Why is Rollins obsessed with Wilden? 56. Oh god, Sara Harvey is back. 57. What is up with that haircut? LOL. 58. Are Sara and Jenna flirting? They're both as shady as each other. 59. Where are the liars parents btw? 60. And where has Caleb vanished to?
  • 61. Oh shade, Spencer!! You're the one who just got with another guy last episode. Hanna did not deserve that comment. 62. The Twelfth Night- is this a clue?? 63. Or just another red herring? 64. Surely Rollins can't be AD? He's dead? 65. Mary Drake has such great posture. 66. But she speaks in riddles half the time. 67. Reference to birds?? Does this mean Wren is involved? 68. I think I'm just clutching at straws. He'd make a great A. 69. Who purchased a train ticket? Rollins is dead, how can he be buying things? 70. Is someone pretending to be him?
  • 71. Sara Harvey and Jenna Marshall = Bffs now clearly. 72. The way she waved to Emily in the Brew was so weird. She's all 'hello, remember you nearly blew my hands off.' 73. This pop version of 'Little Sparrow' is so cheesy. 74. I feel so sorry for Hanna and Ali. 75. Yeah, cos that's all Ali needs right now, for AD to tell her that her friends think she killed Charlotte. 76. That's a lot of candles. Surely that's a fire hazard? 77. Ezra is in a tux, oh I wonder what's going to happen... 78. I mean his speech was romantic, but a proposal is the last thing this girl needs RN. 79. Marie? Is that Aria's middle name? Fun fact.
    80. WAIT? Did she say yes? No??
    81. NOEL IS BACK 82. Oh my god. 83. This is the best thing. 84. That look him & Jenna shared. Something is about to go down. 85. *sobs because they're taking a break next week, and I can't wait until Aug 3rd to find out what's gonna happen*

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