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Friday, 1 July 2016


Let's be real: sometimes contouring can be SUCH an effort. I mean, there's trying to find that perfect shade of bronzer for your cheekbones, and then there's making sure your brush is angled in the right direction, and don't even get me started on looking for a highlighter that doesn't wash you out (or cost you £24093).

Using multiple products can seem overwhelming, especially if you don't really have the time. We've all been there: sleeping through your alarm, rushing through your make up routine, and then spending the remainder of your day with everyone telling you how 'tired' you look.

But worry no more, Pretty52 have got you covered! 

For every lazy girl (or practical, after using this product) looking for the perfect contour companion, Sephora has got you covered ( They now ship to the UK *does happy dance*, and have introduced a wonder contouring stick. Seriously, it is the only contouring product you'll need! It's double ended - with a darker shade to create shadows and a highlighter to give you a glow- , angled to give you chiseled cheekbones, AND is only £15 (which is a bargain considering how much an Anastasia Beverly Hills one can be...)

Firstly start off with your base make up, just your everyday basic staples. Adding primer to your daily routine is good for making sure your product doesn't build up. There's nothing worse than your make up clogging up your skin!

After that, I tend to apply foundation with a good brush, add some concealer, a little bit of blush and eyebrow gel to make sure they're on fleek. Once your base is good, you're ready to go!

Aim to get your skin as radiant and smooth as possible to allow the contour stick to glide over your skin.


I have quite a round face, so my main areas to contour would be around my cheeks, under my jawline and down the side of my nose.

If you're unsure which style would suit your face consult our 'How to guide' : (

It is your own preference with you use a sponge, such as a Beauty Blender, ( or a blending brush ( I've opted for a sponge as I feel it shades both the dark and light part of the contour stick better, without any harsh lines.

The consistency of this contour kit is creamy (which makes it SUPER easy to blend without it going all cake-y), but try to avoid adding unnecessary powder. If you feel like your skin is still a bit oily, opt to put a dusting on after your contouring step. This will allow it to set, and blend in easier.

Step One

Once you've mastered which shape of face you have, it's time to open your contour kit! 

Start off with the sculpting side (bronzed end) and map out the angles of your face. The slanted angle of the product will help allow you to get chiseled cheekbones that even Kiera Knightley would be jealous of!

Here I've drawn a line half way across my forehead; down my temple; around my cheekbone and down to my jawline. If you get stuck: just think of a figure of '3', or a backwards 'E'.

Step Two

When you're happy with where you've placed your contour, it's now time for the highlighter. This will make your face appear radiant and much more awake.

Parellel to your contour lines, fill in part of the blank space with the lighter end of the kit. I've filled in my nose, drawn a line across my forehead, while focussing on my upper cheekbone and under my eyes.

Top tip! 
If you suffer from dark under eye circles, put your concealer on after applying highlighter to help cover them even more.

Step Three
Time For Blending!

It is important to blend the products you've used in to make sure there are no harsh lines, and everything appears natural! 

This is where your beauty blender/brush comes in.

Extra Touch-Ups

After blending, your contour is good to go!

But for any extra touch-ups, or if you really want to make it pop for a night time look, go back over the outline of your cheekbone with both the contour and highlighter.

End Result

When everything is blended in, you'll see actual REAL LIFE cheekbones, and the product over will have made your face appear slimmer and more streamlined.

All in all, using this contour stick should take you around five minutes (including time for extra touch ups and blending it all in- it's such an easy product!)

Which is great when every lazy girl wants extra time in their bed in the morning...

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