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Wednesday, 6 July 2016


1. Previously on Pretty Little Liars...

2. Eeek I'm so excited! Hopefully this week we will get some answers.
3. LOL. Probably not
4. Woah, Hannah's back looks sore. What the hell actually happened to her in that barn?!
5. This Uber A must be evil.
6. God Aria, state the obvious why don't you.
7. Why are the girls defending Elliot?
8. Yes, Emily stand up for Allison.
9. Even though just last week you handed her over as Charlotte's killer...
10. PLL makes me question everything: What is a clue? What is a red herring?

11. How come Ali is back in her room?! End of last episode she was getting drugged and wheeled out by A?

12. Woah Allison's tough! The way she just defended herself against Rollins.

13. For once, I actually feel sorry for her. Poor Ali.
14. Elliot is such a creep.
15. That head restraint is like something from Silence of the Lambs.
16. Allison's treatment at Welby makes Radley look tame...
17. *sings along to theme tune for the 839392 time*
18. There's a mention of Mama Marin, and yet she still probably doesn't know Hannah was kidnapped and tortured. That's PLL logic for ya.
19. Hannah's eyebrows are on fleek this episode.
20. Emily, your friend is being tortured and you're more concerned about asking Sabrina on a date. C'MON! Get a grip.

21. Oh, Yvonne's back.

22. Another filler character. Woohoo...
23. She's engaged to Toby?!!
24. Poor Spencer. Caleb doesn't want her, Toby doesn't want her...
25. At last!! The girls are actively doing something to help!
26. Hmmm. Rollins is clearly changing Allison's files. 
27. AWKWARD. Spencer and Caleb are having that convo.
28. Caleb you should have been honest.
29. Why does everyone cheat on this show?
30. Saved by the bell. Caleb got out of that one.

31. But poor Spencer, she has no luck this episode.

32. We're 13 minutes in and we've not seen Mary Drake yet (aka the best character on the show rn)

33. The liars are so stupid. Allison clearly didn't kill Charlotte.
34. *mention of Jason* YASS!
35. What was that file Emily just took from Spencer's bag?
36. Pretty little detectives more like.
37. Hannah needs to wash her hair.
38. Like I know she's just been tortured, but greasy hair isn't a good look babe.
39. Wait, Jordan's your future?
40. Didn't you end your engagement with him last episode, Hannah?

41. There's creepy music.

42. Something bad is about to happen.

43. Go Aria!!
44. What are those tools?! It's official. Rollins is the biggest creep. Is he going to use them on Ali?
45. But I hope to God he isn't A.D.
46. Bring back Wren!
47. 'It's not paranoia if it's real' 
48. You tell him Spencer!
49. Quick Aria, hide the torture tools!
50. Were they the ones used on Hannah?

51. What is she taking a picture of? Zoom in, zoom in!!

52. Rollins totally knows Aria was inside.

53. Ali's credit card statement!
54. Amish bed and breakfast?! Strange.
55. Who's Amish?
56. Why is Spencer staying behind? SUSPICIOUS.
57. Hmm... why is Emily phoning Toby?
59. Yet, never any answers.
60. No one cares about Emily' love life... move on please.

61. These masks are so cringey, it's like a Scooby Doo villian

62. FINALLY. They're starting to piece things together.

63. Who's this blonde Amish girl that keeps starting at Aria and Hannah?
64. Wait, Charlotte?!
65. Dolls?!
66. I'm sure we've seen the dolls before.
67. I'm so confused.
68. No don't leave!! I want answers!!
69. Hannah recognises they tools....
70. Was this where A.D brought her to torture her?!

71. If Rollins is actually Uber A, I'll be so pissed.

72. He's a new character, it would be such a cop-out.

73. Caleb is so good looking.
74. But he's a BIG FAT LIAR. Stop stringing Spencer along, you clearly want Hannah.
75. Team Haleb <3
76. What is in that file, Emily?!
77. Shit, Aria forgot to put Elliot' key back.
79. What are the change of plans, Elliot?!
80. No Hannah, you should go to the police.

81. Just like you should have 6 seasons ago.

82. Where is he taking Ali?!
83. Woah, Yvonne put clothes on. No-one cares about your story. Leave Toby alone to help solve the case plz.
84. As if that will ever happen though, last time he got high on gummy bears.
85. 1958?! How old is this guy?!!
86. Elliot is 100% not who he says he is.
87. How does Aria know a shortcut for a random place? Hmm.
88. RUN ALI!!
89. YES!! They hit Rollins.
90. Oh my god.
91. Is he really dead though? It's PLL remember.
92. *can't wait for next weeks*

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