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Friday, 29 July 2016


"Just remember everything changes in a week..."

We can all struggle for motivation or find it hard to feel good about ourselves some weeks, but there are tiny changes we can try for a lil boost!

While things such as stopping at just two glasses of prosecco are unlikely, there are some simple things we can include in our lives to increase our happiness and overall wellbeing.

Learn to make every day that little bit more sunnier, learn to pick yourself up from a bad mood where you'd rather just curl up in a ball and go back to bed, and learn to overall feel happier and good about yourself.

Treat yourself with kindness

I don't know about you but I have the worst habit of looking at a picture and instantly looking to see how big my things or stomach looks in it, but not once have I thought 'I look great in that because I went to the gym twice this week and worked so hard on my uni assignment.' Stop valuing your worth on things that don't matter and only you see, remember how good a person you are and how hard you work.

Change your bedsheets

Let's be honest, there is no greater feeling in the world than climbing into a nice clean bed after a long day. When you first get up in the morning strip your bedsheets and put a wash on. Have your breakfast and once you're done, they'll be ready to hang out and dry. This gives you something to look forward to for when you come home. A nice cosy, clean bed!

Phone your mum / someone you admire for a good chat

If you're having a particularly hard week, phone your mum or someone you respect for advice. Have a long chat with them about how you're feeling, what you've been up to etc, but also how they are too. Sometimes we get so caught up with our daily routines, we tend to forget what is most important in life: those we love. You'll get good advice and feel much more motivated.

Stop comparing yourself to others

We're all guilty of this. We look at pictures of other people we know, celebrities who we want to be...most of which are completely different figure types to ourselves. They most likely follow differently lifestyles, or even have their own problems to battle. Stop comparing and start embracing how beautiful and unique to you, you are.

Meet up with a friend for coffee 

Clear your schedule and make time to catch up with a good friend. You'll feel much more relaxed by spending your time doing something you actually want to do. Hear how they're doing and keep them up to date on your own life. Cake might even be involved.
Plus, coffee will help you rule the world like the sassy gal you are *fire emoji*

Clear out your wardrobe

Supposedly you're meant to do this like every three to six months, but the thought of parting with my beloved clothes that often scare me. I would suggest having maybe two every year because you never know what might come back into fashion again or just incase you can fit back into those jeans.
Pack up items you haven't worn in forever and either have a car boot sale or donate to your local charity shop. You'll feel refreshed, more organised....and now you have room for a cheeky ASOS haul ;)

Start saving (a little!)

We're not talking hundreds and hundreds of pounds...if you have that much disposable income in one week then you should be booking a holiday. Top tip: any money you have in your bank account that isn't a 'whole number', you should put into a savings account. For example, if you had £138.49 in your bank account on a Sunday, you should transfer over £3.49 into savings because it's money you can't withdraw. It adds up over time!

Sit down with a cup of tea, a notepad and write a 'to-do' list

Make a list of everything that you have 'to do' within the next few weeks to ensure that you're organised and up to date with appointments, meetings and payments. And if you're stressed out, write down things that are bothering you. Get them off your chest, be productive and you'll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Clean your make up brushes

Neglecting the cleanliness of our make up brushes is something most people are guilty of. Nearly 43% of make up brush users don't even clean them...ever. Ew! Nip this in the bud and, no matter how small, feel like you've accomplished something good for yourself this week.
Do this and you'll feel much more flawless!

Sleep for a solid eight hours

Sleep is the best thing for your body and mind, and if you only try one thing out this week, make sure it is this. Your busy lifestyle might not allow you to have a full eight hours every night, but make sure at least once a week, you aim for a good amount of hours of interrupted sleep. You'll feel much more refreshed and motivated.

Try out a new recipe (and make it fun!)

We all love a takeaway or a pizza, but this week instead try your hand at a bit of cooking. It doesn't have to be super difficult, but grab some ingredients for either something you've always wanted to try, or become a pro at making your favourite meal for those days where you just can't even with life.
Or why not try out our oreo recipe as a treat? (

Pour yourself the world's best bubble bath

Allow yourself time to relax and breath Grab the fluffiest dressing gown you own, light some candles and on music. You'll feel so cosy and relaxed and a little snug bug that it'll make you tackle the next day so, so much easier.

Have a good old fashioned sing-song

Nothing makes you feel better than belting out a song and dancing along to it! Turn the music up in the car or in the shower. Forget about all your responsibilities and just have fun.

Try out a new hair or make up look.

Just something simple to spice things up a bit! If you usually wear your hair straight, then curl it for a change; if your go-to make up look is a smokey eye, try a bold lip instead. Try something new that pushes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to try to be different.

Give yourself a relaxing facial

Along with your relaxing bath, remember it is important to care for your skin. Stop picking your spots and covering up blemishes, and instead take the time to clean out the impurities on your face. Start with a good scrub and allow it to work its magic to making you feel all sparkly (on the inside and out!)
Why not follow our skincare guide? (

Shave yo' legs

Honestly, this one sounds so simple but it's so true that it makes you feel better about yourself. Clean, smooth and silky legs are a great way to make you feel good and that you have your life together.
Pair them with matching underwear, and you might aswell just apply to be the new Prime Minister.

Get up ten minutes earlier

Ok, so I know we mentioned that sleep is essential...but instead of sleeping in for an extra five minutes (which usually turn into fifteen), drag yourself out of bed ten minutes earlier than you normally would. Give yourself time to set up your day and to make sure you're not running around doing last minute things in the morning. Feel organised and be on top of things.

Paint your nails/ have a pamper evening

My friends and I have always said that if a guy ever proposes to us we want our nails to be painted. I don't know why, but there is something about having neat, manicured nails that make you feel much more sophisticated. Try having an evening dedicated to pampering yourself.

Or if you're still struggling for motivation, just remember that during the making of 'Wannabe' the Spice Girls ditched their manager and worked from a car before hitting it big. Yup, it all starts somewhere!

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