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Friday, 15 July 2016


Disney World is a place where dreams are created.

It is a place that fills you with happiness and a sense of wonder. A place where magic is real and singing a song is a form of currency.

(Seriously, I've heard if your entire car sings a full Disney song to the attendant you get free parking.)

Disney World isn't just a theme park, it's an experience filled with characters, rides, parades and fireworks. Do we really need to say much more?! Forget the troubles and worries of adult life, and prepare to feel like a big kid the most magical place on earth!

Before you even get into the theme park there are attractions waiting.
Yes, that's right even the car park is fun. When you arrive in Disney's Magic Kingdom you're ushered to either the 'villains' or 'heroes' from all of your favourite movies. From Peter Pan to The Lion King, there are lots to pick from.
It's also a great way to remember where you've parked your car too!

There are monorails and boats to take you to the park.
Pffft, walking is for idiots. 
Disney World doesn't do anything on the ordinary side, and you get to choose between a futuristic- style monorail to enter the park or an old-fashioned ferry boat to get you there.
Either way, once you see the castle in the horizon you're guaranteed to feel a lil emotional.

Their organisational skills are incredible.
When you've got over 52 million visitors every year, it is pretty important to have a good system in place- and Disney World has just that!
Instead of having to carry around multiple pictures of you and all your favourite characters, or accidentally misplace your entry ticket and fast pass, they offer Magic Bands which scan all of the information onto it.

Let's be honest, Disney characters are real life celebrities.
When you first arrive in the Main Street there are lots of decorated shops where you can buy an autograph book to get the signature of your favourite character.
The characters will be dotted all around the theme park, but be prepared to stand in a long queue for the more popular ones (But don't worry, it's totally worth it for the photo opportunities too!)

No detail is forgotten about.
While you're waiting to go on a ride (if you didn't manage to get a Fast Track for it), Disney World have millions of memorabilia to look at. This means no more boring queue waiting!
The Haunted Mansion ride, for example, have all the gravestones lined up of all the people you'll visit on the ride, and Star Wars showcase replicas of R2D2 and C3PO.

The parades are out of this world.
If you're not a huge fan of scary rides, the parades alone are worth a visit to this magical place. They're on twice a day and follow the route from Main Street right through the park. 
Each parade has a theme, and the best part is trying to spot your favourite character to wave to.
Grab an ice cream and find a good spot to take it all in.

It isn't just one theme park.
Yep, you read that right. Walt Disney World Florida stretches itself out over four different parks. The consist of: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Walt Disney Studios.
There is so much to see and do, you couldn't possibly fit it into one day.

Each park has a famous landmark as well to distinguish between each of them.
Magic Kingdom's is the Castle, Animal Kingdom has the Tree, Hollywood Studios is Mickey's Fantasia hat, and Epcot's has Spaceship Earth.
Some major photo opportunities here!

You can go on an African style safari.
Animal Kingdom, in my opinion, offers the best ride of them all: Kilimanjaro Safari Rides. Here, you can ride off in an open-air jeep, either during the day or at night, for a tour of a savanna which is home to exotic animals. There is also a tour guide along for the ride to give you some interesting information on all the animals!
And if you're super lucky...a giraffe might just stick its head inside your jeep!

Or you'll spy a baby elephant drinking some water!

But for those who love action-packed rides, there are lots on offer too!
While there is lots to see and watch in Disney World Florida, there is plenty to do and rides to visit too. Jam packed with fast rollercoasters, such as Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom, an indoor roller coaster built around an outer space theme and is one of the most famous coasters in the world. Or Expedition Everest in Magic Kingdom where a yeti chases your carriage up a mountain...there are so many to choose from!

It will feel like you're starring in your own Disney movie.
Visiting Disney World Florida will transport you into some of your favourite movies. Movies full of princesses and princes, heroes and villains, and most importantly talking animals and toys. Or ones filled with action and fear!
*see Tower of Terror ride for the scare factor*

No matter what age you are, you'll become a child at heart again.
From The Lion King to Frozen all the characters come to life, and you will 'fo sure want a picture with them. Most have allocated time slots for a meet and greet around the park, pick up a map at the entrance to make sure you don't miss out.
Age in Disney World Florida does not matter, everyone gets into the spirit of magic!

The food is 100% incredible.
As expected, most things are shaped like Mickey Mouse: Mickey pretzels, Mickey ice cream, Mickey waffles, and Mickey shaped caramel apples. But by far the best are Dole Whips (a pineapple soft serve ice cream- so refreshing in the Florida heat). So for people who go on vacation for the food, don't worry: you won't be missing out.

Depending on the time of year you go, there are different festivals on in the parks.
During spring time, Epcot put on a flower and plant festival in the park. As you stroll around the world (or eat your way around it, as there are food stations in every 'country' in the park) you'll see some familiar faces impressively carved into trees.

There are fireworks most nights in all the different theme parks.
I doubt we need to say much more than fireworks to get you excited, but forget any other display you've ever seen...these will blow them out the water.
The best ones are at Magic Kingdom because (spoilers!) Tinker bell actually does fly over the castle.
*I do believe in fairies, I do!*

Not only does Disney World have theme parks...there are two water parks.
Included in the price of your ticket, there are two water parks: Disney's Blizzard Beach and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. With river rapids, lazy rivers and fast flumes to go down the water parks are a fab day out.
After a full week or two of wandering around the theme parks, it can be quite nice to relax in the water park. Typhoon Lagoon is more relaxed with a sandy beach, and Blizzard Beach plays Christmas music all year round and is themed around Frozen's Olaf...what's not to love?!

There are lots of live action shows.
Once you've met all of your favourite characters and been on exciting rides...can you believe there is still even more yet to see?!
Disney World jam pack their parks to suit everyone, no matter what you're into, you're guaranteed to find something to suit your tastes. Different live action shows include a car stunt show, The Lion King singalong, Beauty and the Beast, just to name a few.

Downtown Disney is worth a visit too!
Once you've explored the parks until sunset (believe us, you'll never want to leave), you should head to Downtown Disney for some shopping and food.
Located just outside the theme parks, there is still lots to see and do. There are lots of restaurants to choose from - such as Rainforest Cafe or T-Rex Restaurant , just remember to book though as they can get really busy!- and shops to wander around to pick up some souvenirs.
As of last year too, Downton Disney have a hot air balloon which takes you up to give you an amazing birds-eye view of the surrounding area!

It also has four golf courses, a shopping dining district, two themed mini golf courses and 27 themed hotels throughout the property’s 27,258 acres of land.
Are you ready to see it all?!

*books flights to Florida asap*

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