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Monday, 29 August 2016


As seen by Monica and Chandler, Rachel and Ross, hey, even Rom and Hermione....all the best relationships start out as friendships. You're comfortable with each other, you have a great laugh, and you've always got each other's back.

1. You're already comfortable around them.
There are no awkward silences like some of the other dates you've been on, you've both got loads to talk about.

2. You share lots of amazing memories together already.
Being friends means you've known each other for years and are able to reminisce about funny memories together.

3. There are no bad surprises- they've already seen you at your worst.
Most likely on a night-out with your other friends, lying drunk outside a kebab shop.

4. You can be 100% yourself around them.
They love you for you and you don't have to hide anything from them.

5. You've probably got the whole awkward 'meeting the parents' thing out of the way.
Most likely you've met their parents at some point over the years or they've spoke to their mum about you, which makes it easier when you decide to take this step.

6. Arguments don't last long.
And if you do have one, they're usually consist of bickering over little things like who's turn it is to chose what to watch on Netflix.

7. You know them inside out.
Which makes buying them a gift for Christmas or their birthday suuuuper easy.

8. You share a lot of the same friends.
You're basically a big family now!

9. Your "how we met" story is cute AF and you know it.
I mean you don't like to brag or anything, but most 'relationship goals' are founded upon a friends-turned-into-lovers kind of story #winnningatlife

10. Nothing in your social life really has to change because this is someone you already spend a ton of time with. 
Just now you get to kiss them whenever you want.

11. You know how to cheer each other up.
Because you're friends first, you know exactly what to do when they're feeling down.

12. You can rely on them for anything.
They're your 4am pick up call and also your 3pm 'just phoning for a chat' call.

13. You're able to set the pace of your relationship.
Things can start slow and simple (just incase you don't want to tarnish your friendship), but because you know their background, you can set your own terms.

14. You're familiar with each other career goals.
There will be no surprises or arguments because you both know what the other wants to do with their life.

15. You just generally have the best time when you're out together.
From holidays and date nights to even family gatherings, your partner in crime is by your side.

16. Most importantly, your friendship and relationship creates an amazing bond between you both.
We all know the best boyfriends are the ones that feel like best friends you get to kiss, anyway.

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