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Sunday, 21 August 2016


Relationships are so strange if you think about them. You start off as the most polished version of yourself: hair done, nails done, eyebrows plucked, legs shaved. The whole works. And then you find yourself six months down the line with un-dyed roots, chipped nails, hairy brows...and well, legs that haven't seen a razor in a loooong time.
But hey, you're happy. You're comfortable. You're in a real-life relationship. But most importantly, your partner loves you for you.

1. You both make fun of each other freely.
The odd insult gets fired every now and then, but you're comfortable enough with each other to know that it's a joke and never any harm.

2. You share a Netflix account/ password.
The biggie. Yup, you're at that point in your relationship where you trust your parter with your one true love. Netflix.

3. You are both completely gross and do not respect each other's personal space.
Yup, you're at that stage where spots are being popped, blackheads are being examined...It ain't pretty, but hey, you're happy.

4. 'Girls don't fart' is 100% a myth to you both now.
Hey, you're only human, sometimes these things just happen.

5. You have a joint playlist for any car journeys you take together.
And you're not embarrassed to admit how many cheesy songs youve sneaked on there. But the main thing? Bae doesn't judge you for it. He's a keeper!

6. You both agree that honesty really is the best policy.
ESPECIALLY when it comes to what your SO is wearing. 'Soz babe, but there is absolutely no way I'm leaving the house with you wearing that...'

7. You no longer have to spend lots and do exciting things to have fun together.
You're comfortable enough to sit, have a cuddle and watch some TV (and the occasional scroll through Facebook)

8. Actually- you'd MUCH rather do this.
Your fave thing to do together is to sit in your pjs, drink wine and judge your friends. What lovely people you are.

9. You trust them enough to take care of your pet.
Whether it be a dog or a cat (hey, maybe even a goldfish) who cares! What matters is this truly cements a point of solid trust.

10. You're 100% your self around them.
No need for fakeness or frills. They love you as you are.

11. Weight gain isn't a big deal.
With all the snacking you do, it's probably inevitable that a few extra pounds have crept on over time. But who cares?! You're in a healthy, loving relationship.

12. You've been known to have full blown rows about the next TV series you should watch/ about them watching an episode without you.
How DARE they betray you??!

13. You're actually that comfortable that you're able to chat about what your kids will be like.
'Like what happens if we don't actually like it? Can we send it back?'

14. You are completely on your own planet together
And can't even imagine what people would think if your weird ways were being secretly broadcast to the world.

15. You're past the 'name-calling' stage.
Ughh, remember the days of 'baby' and 'sweetheart'. How much effort that was.

16. Body hair maintenance is for extremely special occasions only.
And you're partner has been known to call you the human Chewbacca.

17. There is no such thing as an awkward silence.
Talking 24/7 and filing the silence is for amateurs. You've got to a point where you can communicate with one look.

18. But most importantly, you're so comfortable that you no longer have to validate or show off your relationship.
You're happy, they're happy, and there's a whole lotta love. That's all that matters.

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