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Monday, 15 August 2016


Besides the fact that you're right about absolutely everything (honestly you don't know why people try and bother to argue with you...) and that you'll most likely know A History of Magic by Mathilda Bagshot inside and out. You also show courage against evil, loyalty towards your friends and kindness to everyone you any true Gryffindor should!

1. Let's be honest, you're always the one to make the plans in any group chat.
And you feel sometimes if you didn't take charge, nothing would ever get done.

2. You’re considered the bookworm of your friend group.
Everyone comes to you for advice and guidance on all important matters.

3. You're a shameless overachiever.
You'll always be top of the class and you're not even embarrassed to admit you're a lil teacher's pet.

4. People tend to forget you have a sensitive side.
Because of how 'together' you appear, people often overlook how sentimental you can be.

5. On a night out you find yourself becoming the mother of the group.
Your final words when you get out the taxi are 'text me the minute you get home.'

6. But (sometimes, when you've not got exams/O.W.Ls to study for) you can let your hair down and have fun just as much as anyone.
*calls for a Hippogriff to take you home after a few butter-beers*

7. You're, eh, not the best at hiding your feelings.
And you'll let everyone know if you disagree with something, people can be so stupid.

8. You also have a bit of a fiery temper.
Usually it appears when someone has insulted your friends though.

9. You're a good advice giver.
The majority of your friends will always come to you for sensible guidance and a shoulder to cry on.

10. You invented the resting bitch face and eye roll.
You don't mean it, it just sort of happens when stupidity is in the air.

11. You're a perfectionist and everything.
You can feel yourself cringe at the amount of spelling mistakes your friends make on Facebook.

12. Which of course means you're VERY competitive.
It's only because you know the rules inside out, what all the answers are, and the obvious fact you will of course win. At everything.

13. You're not afraid to speak your mind. 
'No babe, you probably shouldn't have had three jagerbombs and drunk text your ex.'

14. But that's only because you're the voice of reason and in your friends group.
And you hate to see anyone arguing (or making a fool out themselves)

15. You're 100% loyal to your loved ones.
You're a ride and die sort of person and will always have their back.

16. Although you will admit it takes you a while to let your guard down.
But once you do, you'll never leave their side. 

17. You remain true to yourself and don't change for anything.
And definitely don't let the haters stop you from doing your 'thang.

18. Ok,'re a bit of a bossy person.
Ok, ok....a VERY bossy person. You just like things to go the way you want.

19. You're very passionate about things you believe in.
And won't stop to rest until you've got what you want.

20. Your friends won't find a more loyal friend on you.
If they need you, you're there in a heartbeat. You always put others before yourself.

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