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Saturday, 6 August 2016


It's the holiday you've been waiting for what seems like forever!

 You can't wait for a week of relaxing with your SO, making tonnes of memories. You think you know your partner inside out. But think again. 

A holiday is a learning which should bring you even closer together than before- with a few awkward moments in between!

1. You wake up the morning of your holiday so excited.
It is the trip you've been planning for months, your airport outfit is already hanging up, and you can't wait for a week of cocktails with your favourite person.

2. The tension starts to rise already as you're in the taxi on the way to the airport.
One of you (not naming names or anything) has managed to forget the camera charger. As long as you have money and passports, that's all that matters.

3. But you refuse to let this put a damper on your romantic holiday.
*thinks of all the bargains at duty free*

4. You, of course, have removed every inch of hair on your body, and have had your nails done.
Trying to look your best to convince bae you're a bronzed goddess.

5. But chances are you'll more likely end up like a lobster.
Because you no doubt fall asleep in the sun.

6. Some luggage swapping will no doubt happen.
You need some extra space for all your shoes, and if he has extra allowance, they've got to go somewhere...

7. Then the battle for the window seat commences.
And you pray that he is a true gentleman and will give it up to you.

8. You hold your breath when you land, and hope that he isn't one of those people.
Y'know the ones who clap when the plane lands? *shudders*

9. But you refuse to let anything come between you on this holiday, and when you get to your hotel you immediately start planning your first adventure.
It's just the two of you spending quality time together.

10. Nothing will go wrong.
And everything is sooooo romantic.

11. Until your first argument.
Usually caused by getting lost somewhere unfamiliar and blaming each other for who is at fault.

12. You will document the ENTIRE holiday.
'Stop there, I just want to get a picture', 'just one more, babe', 'excuse me, could you take our picture please?'

13. You learn more about your boyfriend than you've ever known before.
Holiday habits can define a person, and you've realise things like he obsessively applies sun tan lotion 7 times a day, or that he brings a spare toothbrush 'just incase.' Just incase what though, you don't know.

14. You'll have great sex-pectations.
Let's be honest, being on holiday trumps all.

15. His little habits will drive you nuts.
But girl, are you really the most enjoyable to be around either when you're a sweaty, over-heated mess too?

16. He'll surprise you with so many romantic gestures that his habits it won't matter though
You find yourself walking hand in hand, kissing on the beach, asking for two spoons for a dessert...what have you become?!!! Ew.

17. You genuinely have the best time just lazing around.
Spending your days at the beach, endless ice cream trips and walking around exploring the town beats a bar crawl with shots that burn your insides anytime.

18. Getting drunk = confession time.
Now, it could be down to the fact that they hardly stick to alcohol measures abroad, but you find yourself spilling your feelings, saying soppy things and feeling happy. All the time. 'Back-at-home' you would be ashamed.

It's a natural thing. Don't panic, just breathe. You'll need a poo. Yup, you can't cover it up anymore. You're a human. And no matter how long you've been together, it can still be embarrassing and will never be sexy.

20. You become masters of the comfortable silence. 
If you weren't already, your holiday will bring you even closer. So close in fact, that if you haven't spoke for two hours it doesn't mean you've fallen out or anything, it just means you're comfortable.

21. You'll be talking about your adventures until your next one.
*Yay, you've survived your first ever holiday together!* And you'll 100% be looking for inspiration on where to go next when you arrive home.

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