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Wednesday, 31 August 2016


1. What happened last week?
2. I swear I ask this every time.
3. Oh yeah, Hanna went rogue and hit Noel over the head.
4. She's badass.
5. This is the last mid-season finale of PLL ever.
6. I guess it's quite emotional when you think of it that way.
7. Yeah emotional 'cos we'll never ever get any of the answers we actually NEED.
8. Yass! Mona is back.
9. What a queen. A shady queen though.
10. Spencer why are you constantly suspicious this season?

11. Um, Hanna? You're not actually gonna use that knife on Noel right?
12. Actually, where did you even get a knife like that? It looks like something from a pirate movie.
14. OMG. 
15. Finger prints people!!! Do you WANT to get done for the crime?
16. I can't tell if this Detective Marco is 24 or 54.
17. The lighting is not kind to this man.
18. Oh, Toby is back. Another useless Rosewood policeman.
19. Remember the time he got high while chasing A?
20. Man, I hope this happens again this episode.

21. Yes, Spencer because kissing a policeman is the most appropriate thing to do in this situation.
22. They believe Hanna has been abducted, but y'know this comes first.
23. When will these girls ever learn?
24. Where did Hanna get that cash?
25. She hasn't worked in 4903480 years.
26. They should have recruited Mona in the beginning.
27. She's the only one who knows how to get things done.
28. But MAYBE....she's working for the other side?
29. Ezra needs to work on his selfie angles. That facetime call was not flattering.
30. Where is Hanna's mum if her abduction is on the news?!!!

31. #plllogic
32. *deep voice* 'I need your help, and I need you to come alone.'
33. You're not in Taken, babe.
34. Noel is such a red herring.
35. If only we could tell Hanna this through the screen.
36. 'Hanna, it's only episode 10. There's no way Marlene would reveal it this soon in.'
37. Hi Paige and your dodgy hair cut.
38. Bitchy Ali is back, and I like it.
39. Who has time to order muffins when their friend has been 'abducted'?!!
40. Priorities people!

41. Hanna where's your skip cap? What a fab disguise that was last episode, you lil spy....
42. Mona's hair, her outfit, her make up, everything is on point.
43. Why doesn't she get more screen time?
44. Caleb and Hanna are fo'sure getting back together this episode.
45. Is Jenna even blind? Is she faking it?
46. Who knows anymore.
47. 'I hate to break it to you guuuurl'
48. Hi Caleb from the ghetto.
49. Who writes these cheesy scripts?!
50. Wait, I take that back.

51. The part about spending their lives together was so f*cking cute.
53. 'I'm pregnant.'
54. WHAT, ALI?
55. Where did this come from? How random.
56. Who's the father? This just gets more complicated.
57. 'Is it Archer's?' 'Of course, who else would it be?'
58. Well it IS PLL, so it's obviously not Archer's then.
59. Bet A.D planted Emily's eggs or something inside her.
60. Eww.

61. What a cute dress, Aria.
62. This Marco will not give up. He's so desperate to get in Spencer's pants.
63. I still can't work out if he's her age, or her dad's age.
64. Hanna, c'mon. You've been running 'rouge' for what? Like two days?
65. You *probably* haven't showered, shaved your legs...anything.
66. You're *probably* a bit smelly.
67. This is your first time with Caleb since it all happened. Spice yourself up a bit, girl.
68. Since when did PLL show sex scenes?
69. *uncomfortable*
70. Emily, you have like 2 other girlfriends.

71. Why not just throw Ali into the mix then too, eh?
73. I mean I really don't care about this story line, but I honestly thought she was dead.
74. Toby I-built-this-house-for-you-Spencer-but-now-I'm-giving-it-to-Yvonne Kavanaugh.
75. Who is now putting the house up for sale. The house he spent YEARS building.
76. What a waste.
77. Where is all the action and drama in this episoide?!
78. Get a move on.
79. 'Toby can I kiss you one last time?'
80. Em, no Spencer because that's inappropriate. He's ENGAGED. 

81. What a weird request, no one in real life would actually ask this. Know your boundaries.
82. You're cheated on Yvonne, Toby. I hope you're happy that you've hurt the world's most pointless character.
83. Paige, you're so clingy. Go away.
84. She better not be involved in this whole thing.
85. Hanna's extension are the absolute WORST.
86. Where did Noel go?!
87. I hope Mona has him.
88. But why get our hopes up. A.D is always one step ahead.
89. That was the most synchronised tea pouring I've ever seen.
90. Are Mona and Caleb secretly friends? Weird.

91. Why does Jenna have her hood up indoors?
92. That's not suspicious, that's just rude. Take it down.
93. Is Jenna 'grey coat' now?
94. WAIT, what?
95. Sydney?
96. Is season 7 all about bringing back all the pointless characters?
97. What did you want to say Toby???
98. Finish your goddamn text.
99. Oh hello, mysterious Mary.
100. Why is she lurking in there?

101. Actually. Where even is there?
103. Does this mean Jenna is A.D?
104. Or working for A.D?
105. What is with all these fake babies?
106. This house is so creepy. And what was in that jar?
107. Why was your phone even out of your pocket, Emily?
108. 'You know too much.'
109. Well tell US what you know!! 
110. Noel, you were stabbed in the leg. How can you walk?

111. WHO gave Jenna a gun?
112. Honestly.
113. And where is her stick? Does this mean she's not actually blind?
114. What a mess you've made, Noel. How rude. This is someone else's property.
115. I just don't understand how Noel and Jenna can be involved in all of this.
116. Damn, Emily that was a fantastic punch.
119. EWWWWW.
120. So he's dead.

121. Spencer's been shot?!!
122. Omg, I can't take much more of this.
123. She better live!
124. 'I smell your blood'
125. Alright, vampire Jenna.
126. YASS, Mary Drake.
127. Maybe she's good after.
128. IS Jenna dead or just knocked out?
129. I swear with every answer we get about another 20 questions.
130. 'I am your mother.'

131. Ok, Darth Vary.
132. Called it though.
133. They both had long hair and loved caffeine.
134. In PLL's eyes it means they're defos related.
135. Toby and Yvonne?!!!
136. The body count is HIGH in this ep.
137. Is A.D behind it all?
138. WHO IS A.D?!
139. What a great episode.
140. How long til the next one....

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