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Wednesday, 24 August 2016


1.       Ok, I’m trying to think what happened in the last episode.
2.       Paige and her awful haircut, Ezra’s left Aria to help search for Nicole, Ali’s back at work…
3.       Oh, oh! Hanna’s went rouge!
4.       Maybe we’ll finally get some good answers.
5.       Ha, as if.
6.       Spencer babe, what in your right mind though it would be a good idea to get a perm?
7.       Stick with your straight hair.
8.       Aria’s jacket is cute. I spend half my time wondering where the girls’ get their outfits from rather than trying to solve the overall mystery.
9.       Hanna looks like she’s recording a suicide note.
10.   PLL is MUCH darker now.

11.   Remember season one A made them go to Mona’s camping sleepover?
12.   They’ve upped their threat level now, eh?
13.   I’ll miss this theme song when the show is over.
14.   This new police officer is far too old for Spencer.
15.   Bring back #Spoby
16.   Who is pretending to be Rollins // impersonating him?!
17.   Is red velvet cake supposed to be a clue?
18.   They’re clutching at straws now, if it is.
19.   Sabrina is the world’s most chill GF (wait, IS she Emily’s girlfriend?!)
20.   I can never keep up with her.

21.   YASS. Jason is back.
22.   His hair is all Thor like.
23.   Wait, Aria wasn’t there when the cellar was set on fire.
24.   SUSPICIOUS, Aria.
25.   What I don’t understand is why they haven’t asked Mary who the second child is?
26.   Yes, she may lie about it, but at least it would give them an idea.
27.   #plllogic
28.   What is this whole thing between Aria and Jason, anyway?
29.   Yes, Hanna. What a great disguise- put a skip cap on and no-one will recognise you.
30.   Spy tip number 1 *rolls eyes*

31.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
32.   Why does no one wear gloves on this show?! Fingerprints, people!!!
33.   Cute. Noel Kahn’s screensaver is Sara Harvey <3 <3 <3
34.   If that even is Noel’s phone. The whole thing is so confusing now.
35.   Um, Aria.
36.   WHY did you leave Jason for Ezra?
37.   You did see him in that flashback, yeah?
38.   Also, what a comfy looking bed. I’d never leave a guy if his bed was that comfy.
39.   Paige, WHAT are you wearing?!
40.   The costume department obviously ran out of money when it came to her character. She needs a makeover.

41.   In all seriousness though, the mid-season finale is next week and the writers are more focussed on Emily and Aria’s relationships.
42.   Give me action! Give me answers!
43.   ‘Oh, Emily I didn’t know you were seeing anyone.’
44.   Um, Paige. You were watching them through the window last episode, lil fibber.
45.   Who is that random guy with Hanna?
46.   Oh a drug dealer. Shady.
47.   How do you get hair like Emily Fields?
48.   Girl has hair goals.
49.   Stop showing us the Nicole story; no one cares about the Nicole story.
50.   Hmmm maybe Noel is more involved in it all than I thought.

51.   Where is Wren again? Bring back Wren.
52.   Hanna’s went rouge, but still obviously has her nails done.
53.   These girls love breaking into people’s homes.
54.   It’s not Come Dine with Me; you can’t just look through their private things.
56.   Why are there only folders for the girls specifically?
57.   Like, how obsessed were these people?
59.   Omg.
60.   I can’t.

61.   What is happening?
62.   Noel was in the dollhouse?
63.   This is so much information!!!
64.   He was Charlotte’s helper. But why?
65.   Good point, Aria. Why would you only look in one of the folders?
66.   Question: where is Ali this episode?!
67.   That girl disappears far too much.
68.   So the phone Noel binned was Sara’s phone?
69.   Why was she her own screensaver then? Ha ha, that trend stops after you’re about 13.
70.   What the hell is Noel’s problem…

71.   Oh how convenient, Spencer’s lights don’t work.
72.   It’s like the perfect set up for an A attack.
73.   Jason’s hair is in better condition than mines.
74.   I wonder what conditioner he uses.
75.   Aria loves her flashbacks in this episode.
76.   It’s like she has a pensieve from Harry Potter.
77.   I wonder where Hanna is staying.
78.   And where Mary Drake is actually.
79.   I’d crap myself if a branch flew through my window like that.
80.   Which A is in Spencer’s house?

81.   I feel like there are about 37 of them running around Rosewood.
82.   Detective Marco here to save the day.
83.   Absolute amateur.
84.   You should always make a copy, Spencer.
85.   Y’know just incase someone STEALS it.
86.   Although there are a distinctive lack of A text messages.
87.   Strange.
88.   I can’t tell if Aria is happy that Ezra is coming home, or happy that Nicole isn’t alive to mess up their relationship.
89.   Her engagement ring is b-e-a-u-tiful.
90.   Why would the judge of the trial adopt Mary’s baby?

91.   So unrealistic.
92.   But #plllogic
93.   Wow, what a good strike Hanna.
94.   I HATE a cliffhanger.
95.   Just give me next week’s already!!

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