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Saturday, 27 August 2016


Relationships can be tricky, there s no point in denying it. No partnership is plain sailing, it can be difficult and down right frustrating at times. Even the greatest love stories have troubles and obstacles to overcome, but when you find yourself with someone who causes more drama than it's worth- it's time to move on. Your relationship, on the whole, should be fun and a showcase of your love.

Sometimes we don't see what's right in-front of us though; we're blinded by love. We may think we're in a happy and healthy relationship yet, there could be some major alarm bells ringing. Relationships require work and dedication, but most importantly they crave happiness and joy.

A thriving and healthy relationship requires some give and take, and is completely attainable if you are your partner are willing to compromise. If you and your partner are right for each other, all the work will be worth it in the long run.

Here are Pretty52's ways to ensure you're in a healthy relationship:

Communication is key.

We've all been there, when our partner pulls the 'oh I didn't know what to get your for your birthday' card, even though you've been hinting at the new Urban Decay palette for, like, a century and you're actually seething inside. As annoying as it is, these trivial things don't matter much in the long run. It's more when you find yourself having the same argument over and over again, especially if it is certain around something that is important to you. For a healthy relationship, maybe re-think how you go about it, and tell your partner how you genuinely feel on the matter.

There are some fights just not worth having.

It's important to know which arguments are worth the battle, and those that aren't. As human we tend to fret over pointless things; but no couple wants to fight over something stupid. Pick your timing to have an argument (preferably when you're in your own home with no one around) to talk it out sensibly and effectively. A healthy relationship will have obstacles, it's inevitable, but know know how to deal with them, particularly without hurting your SO's feelings.

Things have settled down, but there is still a spark.

Once the honeymoon period has worn off, things tend to get a little comfortable. There's nothing wrong with that, and realistically, we should all embrace it. This is the part where you get to see your partner for who they truly are, and become settled with one another. However, a healthy relationship will ensure that you're not too too settled. A spark should still be there. You should still fancy them, want them, and actively seek to spend time with each other.

You're open and honest with each other.
Honestly is a massive part in any relationship. We're not talking about little things (y'know like how much you actually spend on make-up and shoes a month...that's just an argument waiting to happen, and like we said, you gotta choose your battles!) but more on moments which can define you as a couple. If you find your partner hiding their phone, or you're suspicious of their actions a lot, it's not right. To make sure you have a healthy relationship, be honest and trustworthy with your loved one.

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There are no empty promises.
I don't know about you, but I take a pinky promise a legit form of law. Promises shouldn't be broken, but most importantly something shouldn't be promised if you have no intention of actually fulfilling it. Doing this makes it seem like your partner isn't your number one priority in life. For a healthy relationship, make sure you put them first and show them that you care.

You know when to say sorry (and mean it!)
The word 'sorry' can get thrown around a lot as a means to end an argument, but don't say it unless you mean it. When you needed, think about why you're saying it and look at the situation from your bf/gf's point of view. You should be able to talk about your feelings, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable it is. Learn to say 'sorry' genuinely and meaningfully for a long-lasting relationship.

Self-happiness is key too.
While your partner should make you happy, it is important that you rely on your own self too for joy. A relationship not only means respect for your loved one, but also yourself. It's healthy to take time for yourself and to grow as a person outwith the relationship. In a good relationship, both partners should encourage each other to grow and change as a person.

You can admit your mistakes.
We're all human (and hey, after a few vodkas we've all been known to speak a little too honestly), but admitting you're in the wrong is the only way to move forward. Doing this, instead of making excuses or justifications, means you're accepting responsibility for your actions and proving you're in a healthy relationship.

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And also forgive each other.
While admitting your mistakes, it is important to forgive your partner too if they make one. A healthy relationship should progress through life, and if you choose to tackle things together, you'll become much stronger as a couple. Don't dwell on the past but instead, focus on a positive future together.

You're able to make decisions together.
In a healthy relationship you both take equal part when it comes to decision making and planning. One person might be more decisive on certain things, while the other knows the answer on others, but when it comes to the major stuff (like where to buy a house, when you should start saving money together) you're equals, partnership. You should value and listen to each other's concerns and ideas.

Balance is important.
No-one likes a friend who ditches girls night every time to hang our with their bae. You should have a life (and a social circle!) out-with each other and your relationship. Yes, they may be the most important person in your life, but you're also your own person. It's healthy to take a step back every now and then to have fun with your friends.

You have realistic expectations.
Life isn't like the movies, no matter how much you compare it to a Nicholas Spark's book. Stop putting your partner down because they've not returned from war for two weeks, and won't measure the size of the moon against your thumb (Dear John for those who haven't seen it!). These situations are really unlikely to happen. Appreciate them for who they are, and create your own memories at your own pace.

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You both appreciate each other.
We often forget to let the most important people in our life know how much we care. We think it, but don't always show it. Remember that relationships are a thing of quality, not quantity. You should make the most of your time together and make sure the other person knows how much they mean to you. Remember there is a huge difference from having dinner on the sofa while you're both scrolling through your phones, to sharing some food at a table and talking about your day. It might be unrealistic to do this every night (if you both work busy schedules) but it is crucial that you're both engaging in quality time together to maintain a healthy partnership.

Trust is unbreakable.
In order to have a healthy, thriving relationship you should be able to 100% trust your partner. It isn't healthy to share your life with someone that you don't. The best way to test this is to make sure their faithful, honest and caring.

You're friends as well as partners.

What is the point in a relationship with no laughter? As loved up as you may be, it's important to be friends with your SO too. You need someone that you can share your life with, and if they're not your friend when you need one, why bother wasting your time? A healthy relationship is built upon friendship, and those who started out as friends before they got together, know that they often end up the best kind of relationship.

Your relationship is your happy place.
This is the most importantly aspect for any healthy relationship. Your partner is who you should want to come to home to after you've had the day from hell; your relationship should be a place of trust and stability; and most importantly your (heathly!) happy place.

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