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Wednesday, 10 August 2016


1. I have a feeling we're going to learn lots of answers this week and everything will be solved.
2. Yeah, in OPPOSITE world maybe.
3. Pretty Little Liars is never simple.
4. *tries to remember what happened in last weeks episode*
5. They're toasting to their friendship? They literally turned Ali in to the police last week because they suspected her of being a murderer.
6. But it's ok, these necklaces with our names on it will fix everything. Good thinking, Spencer *eye roll*
7. Those cocktails look so good...but once again how can they afford them?! They don't work.
8. Oh yeah, Sara red herring Harvey died in the shower.
9. Wonder who killed her? My bets on Jenna.
10. Why do the girls always shift their eyes when they get told someone has died? Way to look suspicious!

11. Jenna, those tears are crocodile tears for sure.
12. Yeah, because wheeling a dead body through a busy hotel lobby is the logical thing to do.
13. #plllogic
14. Hello Pam Fields! 
15. FINALLY, their parents return. They're so useless.
16. Toby's back too! Wow, the budget must have been big for this episode.
17. I LOVE flashbacks. There should be flashbacks all the time.
18. Jenna's wearing a red coat!! Does this mean something?
19. You're afraid Jenna? Didn't you use to manipulate Toby into being with you when you were younger?
20. Wrong person to ask for help, babe.

21. Eww, why does PLL promote incest?
22. Jenna & Toby, Jason & Charlotte. Honestly, Marlene.
23. Oooo hello, Jason. Boys lookin' good.
24. BUT, why is Jason all of a sudden trying to look out for Ali?
25. He's hated her for the past five seasons.
26. What happened to Yvonne?
27. She's such a pointless character. Break up with her and get back with Spencer, Toby.
28. Oh yeah, Aria's marrying her old English teacher. 
29. 'Cos that's not strange.
30. 'My family friend owns a villa in Italy.' Alright for some, eh Ezra.

31. I hope Hanna and Caleb get back together #haleb
32. Why is Ezra keen to get married so quickly?
33. And WHY is Jason messaging Aria?
34. Maybe Noel killed Sara? He is very suspicious. 
35. 'I'm engaged' ... 'To Liam?'
37. Told anyone about what, Aria??
38. What's the secret? Hmmmm.
39. I love Aria's boots! Impracticable and unnecessary for a coffee date, but still on point.
40. Ummm, I thought you were hotel security Caleb, not massage therapist.

41. What a creepy scene.
42. But how convenient that he could steal her room key.
43. Jenna's 'papers' look like a word search.
44. Who is that in her room? 
45. Noel, of course it is. 
46. Doctor Cochrane? Hmmm who's that?
47.  Stop introducing new characters PLL when there's only a few episodes left. Solve the current ones first!
48. What a lovely lil family dinner.
49. So comfortable, so chatty.
50. So Aria is now Jason's friend, not Ali's?

51. I can't help but love Mary Drake's shadiness.
52. Wouldn't Yvonne be like 'why is my fiancee's ex visiting me in hospital?' LOL.
53. 'No one is ever really safe in Rosewood.'
54. You can say that again, Spencer.
55. Still can't work out if Mary is good or bad.
56. Beef Wellington? Is the not the most British dish you've ever heard?
57. Ooo she's defos playing them.
58. Or she's just trying to be like Jessica?
59. Too many clues, and not enough answers.
60. So THAT's what the 'wind' was!

61. Is Jessica the evil one? 
62. She told Mary that Charles died, not that he wanted to transition. That's pretty screwed up.
63. Why is a storm cellar so important?!
64. There must be a reason why Ezra wants to elope so quickly.
65. Hanna needs a good argan oil treatment in that hair.
66. That was the longest stare ever. Were Hanna and Caleb playing 'who blinks first loses'?
67. How SHADY Toby, giving Yvonne a 'second hand' home, once made for Spencer.
68. Where is Aria's file??
69. I bet Alison is Mary Drake's second child.
70. Wait, how did Aria find a wedding dress in like 37 seconds?

71. Great timing FBI.
72. Stop the wedding, tell him Nicole is alive.
73. Jessica had an Alison shrine?
74. 'Cos that's not creepy.
75. What an anti climax that countdown was.
76. They should have stole the files before they left.
77. Amateurs.
78. Didn't Noel Kahn write that on Aria's car back in Season 1?
79. Hmmmm.
80. Why would there be a Noel Kahn file?
81. And why would A be setting it on fire?
82. I can't wait another week for answers!!

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