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Thursday, 4 August 2016


1. I've missed PLL, what a stupid break they had last week.
2. Like it's been so long how did it even end last time?
3. Oh yeah, by beautiful beautiful Noel.
4. And that awkward proposal. LOL.
5. This is making me start to thinking Rollins actually IS alive.
6. What the hell is up with Aria's jumper?
7. Ali is wearing the red jacket!!!
8. Well girls if you're going to look guilty, she's going to think something is up.
9. *got a secret, can ya keep it...*
10. How can we only have 4 more episodes until the mid season finale?!

1. Alison's eyelashes need done. Girl only has like 3 extensions left on them.
12. Yeah, why don't they group text?! Like its 2016.
13. Seriously, that jumper Aria. You look like you should be in Saved by the Bell.
14. ALSO, awkward run in with Ezra.
15. Did she say yes? No? Maybe? I killed a guy? What did she say?!
16. How does Alison's house look like Pinterest goals yet she can't even withdraw a tenner from her bank account?
17. #plllogic
18. Detective: 'Hello again.
19. Spencer: 'Hi' *last time I saw you I was eating your face off*
20. Mary Drake is still super duper sketchy.

21. Born in Wales?!!
22. Ok, fair enough. But why doesn't he have a Welsh accent then Marlene King?
24. No offence, but putting 'Officer Cavanaugh' on a case is not helpful at all.
25. Who rented the car then?!
26. What's this 'unfinished business'
27. So many questions.
28. And once again: NEVER ANY ANSWERS
29. Why do I continue to watch this show?
30. Because it's so hypnotising and I refuse to give up now. We're so close.

31. 'I give you my word, we will get this guy'
32. Hmmm doubt it, the liars killed him babe.
33. This is quite a flirty convo, Spencer.
34. Remember Caleb? Your BF?
35. Aria's nails are a lovely colour?
36. But with covering up a murder how did she find the time to get a manicure?
37. And Hanna's studded, jewelled heels? What every girl wears when avoiding prison.
38. But Hanna's funny, and she's been through a lot.
39. Is she STILL wearing her engagement ring?
40. And is she STILL carrying that 'burner' phone?

41. 'Next time you burying someone, make sure they're dead'
42. *english accent* *1000 theories running through my head*
43. Was the Rollins? WREN?! It even sounded a bit like that Detective guy.
44. But maybe I'm just being really paranoid.
45. Whoever it was, they're watching you Hanna Banana.
46. Go team Spanna. They work well together.
47. Ezra, give up pal. You're desperate now.
48. If a girl ignores your engagement, take the hint.
49. I've said it once, but it's so good of the Radey to give Emily work shifts that don't conflict with her 'covering up a murder' time.
50. Sara Harvey and her leather gloves.

51. Sounds like a rip off of a Harry Potter book.
52. Also how can the girls afford fancy cars when they hardly even work?
53. Yeah, 'cos like anything good ever happens at The Lost Woods Resort.
54. Mary looks like she's ready to attack! What is with that weapon?
55. Still can't decide if she's good or bad.
56. Did Mary know Rollins' real identity?
57. Her and Spencer look suspiciously alike.
58. WAIT.
59. Who has a spare weapon like that lying around?
60. OMG. Could that be Charlotte's murder weapon?!!!

61. Fingerprints, Spencer.
62. Where is Jenna btw?
63. Is A.D the same as Uber A?
64. HA, Aria didn't even care that Hanna's engagement was over.
65. She was all 'It's a diamond' when she threw the ring.
66. #priorities
67. It's pretty unrealistic that they'll all probably end up back together with their high school boyfriends.
68. Was that police officer in a mask?!
69. Caleb's back!!
70. Jenna just casually playing the flute. Just what one does when their partner in crime is MIA.

71. Emily, Jenna might be blind but she's not deaf. She will 100% be aware of the fact you're snooping in that room while she's sitting there.
72. 'Car rental in Baltimore'
73. Is Jenna planning a trip to find Rollins or is she the one covering up for him?
74. This friendship between Sara and Jenna is so shady.
75. How did Jenna know Archer's real identity?
76. Charlotte was Jenna's friend?!! I thought Jenna was scared of Charlotte?!!
77. According to Season 4, anyway.
78. #plllogic
79. Wait. So Rollins used an English accent in front of Charlotte, but an American one in front of Alison.
80. Surely if Charlotte cared about Ali, the way she said she did, she'd be all 'why you changing your accent, you weirdo?' to Rollins.

81. And did Jenna introduce Charlotte to Rollins? How did she even know Archer?
82. How would Jenna be able to find Charlotte's birth mother?
83. 'Rollins has to convince Alison I'm getting better'
84. Shocker, Charlotte was still playing the A game.
85. What a sketchy lil flashback.
86. Does that mean Spencer and Caleb are over?
87. Bring back Haleb.
88. Is Mary telling the truth? Surely, her and Charlotte must have known one another if she used the name Drake?
89. Bet Ali wishes she killed Charlotte now.
90. There's that creepy Policeman in a mask again!

91. Who is that??
92. Finally! They're talking about the dream scene in the barn.
93. Was it Spencer? Was it someone in a mask?
94. We'll probably never know.
95. I still can't work out who's voice is that...
96. The 'cop' that's protecting her, could BE A.D though.
97. Woah, that attack was brutal.
98. How did Mary Drake not hear it if she was in the house?!
99. These masks are so Scooby Doo like.
100. Sara where you running off to? And why do you only wear all black? Suspicious.

101. And when was walking through the woods in the dark a good idea?
102. Ok, so Rollin's body is still there.
103. So has been phoning them?
104. The plot thickens.
105. And another one bites the dust.
106. Sara Harvey. I mean I would care, but she was such a pointless character.
107. *tries to look for clues during A ending*

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