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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


1. Part of me cannot wait for this to be over.
2. But I know there will be an empty void that no other tv show will ever fill.
3. Fans of PLL will know this love-hate relationship so well.
4. 'Exes and OMGs'. They need to think of better episode titles.
5. Oh yeah, why did Noel need that Mary Drake file?
6. I swear to god, if he's her second child I'll give up. He may be hot, but he's been irrelevant for like 4 seasons.
7. Why would Noel push that girl down the stairs?!
8. Oh thank god that was just a dream.
9. Not for Caleb's sake or anything. I mean I'm glad he's not dead...but Hanna's hair.
10. I'd be screaming if I saw myself with those extensions too, babe.

11. Oh wait, she has then in real time too. NVM.
12. 'Here's your new phone. I also have some for all your friends.'
13. Alright Caleb, we get it. You're rich.
14. Man, I'd love to be able to afford five new iPhones for the sake of it.
15. Also, surely you'd delete your texts before you gave your ex-boyf your phone...
16. LOVE Aria's jacket.
17. Although it is a RED jacket.
18. Oh how convenient. Ezra walks in at the exact moment Aria says 'I lied to him.' Coincidence, I think not.
19. What a lovely old man cardigan you're wearing, Ezra.
20. It's almost like the costume department want to remind the viewers that Aria is marrying her TEACHER. Ew.

21. Nicole can go away, no one cares about this story line.
22. Being back Mary Drake and her shadiness.
23. Why are there so many typewriters in that coffee shop? What a strange lil cafe.
24. Bunch of hipsters.
25. What a lovely school. 'No problem, Ali! Missing husband? On going police investigation? Just out of a mental institution? Sister just been murdered? Living with your mum's twin sister you've just learned about?'
26. You're 100% sane, of course you can have your job back. Y'know the one where she teaches children?
27. #plllogic
28. Oh god, Sabrina's back.
29. Oh wow, more coincidences.
30. 'Emily, come teach at the school where your Bff/ex lover is coming back to, and also where your ex gf is interviewing for a job.' LOL.

31. Bring back drunk Pam Fields.
32. Yes! Detective Spencer is back!
33. The infamous black hoodie: making every Emo kid appear as A.
34. Although what a nasty prank to do. Those school kids are mean.
35. Detention for all.
36. These girls spend their lives lurking in hospitals.
37. Who only eats half their sandwich?! Ezra, you're not human.
38. Emily's right though. She's asking the question we're all thinking.
39. 'Are you gonna stay engaged to Aria if Nicole comes back?'
40. Nicole is the girl that used to be in Home and Away btw, for those who had forgotten.

41. That scar is brutal. I feel so sorry for Hanna.
42. She defos has it worse out of all the liars.
43. Grunwald's back. I can't make up my mind if I like this or not.
44. But she doesn't have the bluest eyes I've ever seen. I wonder what contacts this gal uses.
45. Season 7 is all about bringing back characters that haven't been relevant for 4 season.
46. How did she even know where Hanna was staying? Oh yeah, she's some sort of psychic. 
47. Couldn't predict that Ali's cousin would torture them in a real life dollhouse, but can offer them shady, mysterious advice.
48. *eye roll*
49. Why is she looking at Hanna in the mirror and not in person? Strange.
50. 'Darkness around you and Caleb.'

51. What does this mean??!!!
52. Is Caleb A.D? Is Spencer A.D?!
53. My bet is Spencer is Mary Drake's second child though.
54. You're sitting in front of a laptop, Spencer. There's no need to find a pen and write the address on your hand.
55. I like this Dr Cochrane's sass. She's great.
56. Is she the one Noel was phoning? Or was it her Father?
57. Hanna, I know you're going through a lot and you've been tortured, but I can guarantee you that Noel is just another red herring.
58. There are too many episodes left in the season for A.D to be revealed just yet, babe.
59. PLL love their Shakespeare references.
60. Eh, maybe Noel is dangerous. That nosebleed can't be for nothing.

61. Spencer, Emily and Aria's outfits are on point this episode.
62. Hanna's going crazy though.
63. But why are the girls so dismissive of her theory?
64. 'Oh thanks, Pam'
65. Hahahaha.
66. Ew, what a creep this other Dr Cochrane is.
67. 'Hey, curb the perv.'
68. 100% my new insult.
69. The clown head in the Doctor's house? I'm sure we've seen something like that before. Not saying he's A, but it does look familiar...
70. *tries to think of as many theories as possible*

71. The old Radley sounds horrific. 
72. Patients not 'treated well', Doctors making the 'problems' go away... *shudders*
73. Why wouldn't the second baby go to Jessica too?
74. No wonder you lost your medical license, you weirdo.
75. '...but in the end she's going to want that family more than anything' 
76. Says this as he looks RIGHT at Spencer.
77. A hint that she's Mary Drake's child, maybe?
78. Aaand, Paige is back too (with the world's ugliest hair cut, no less)
79. They're all crawling out the woodwork now.
80. C'mon Ali, did you really expect A.D not to get there first?

81. A is always one step ahead.
82. Lil bit awkward that Ezra and Aria were eloping last episode, and now he's flying off to rescue his ex girlfriend.
83. This A really has it in for Hanna the most.
84. Who is she phoning?!!
85. Give me answers!
86. Never mind the phone call actually, LOVE  that bardot top Hanna. Where did you get it?!
87. Follow her Caleb, you absolute idiot!
88. There are so many hugs in this episode. You get a hug! You get a hug! Everyone gets a hug!
89. Looking through a family album, are we Spencer?
90. Coincidence again? Or maybe because you're Mary Drake's second child!!

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