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Monday, 19 September 2016

Pretty52 | Drunk Conversations All Couples Have Had At Some Point

We’ve all been there: what start off as an innocent date night ordering a bottle of wine, and then you find yourselves getting a round of shots and ending up a ‘lil bit tipsy and the feelings start pouring out…

1. The ‘Let’s Take All The Holidays Ever To Have Existed’
For some reason you think your bank account has tripled in size, and you start to plan tonnes of city breaks and beach holidays. ‘Babe, I’ve always wanted to go there. Let’s book it for next month?’ Can you afford it? Probably not, but the idea seems romantic in the moment.

2. The ‘I Believe In You’
After four glasses of wine you become your partners biggest fan (well, you already should be but this time it’s x1000) and start encourage them to do everything they’ve ever wanted in life. You become a professional life coach and offer each other advice: ‘You can contour better than that Kim Kardashian herself, you start up a make up artist business!’ or ‘You’re amazing and you can do anything and your job sucks and you’re worth so much more.’ Until the next morning when you realise how much you actually need that job when your drinking bill comes off your card…

3. The ‘I Wonder What Our Kids Will Look Like’
It’s something you would NEVER discuss when you were both sober, but once the bottles opened you start to fantasise their names, what they’d be like, whether they looked like you or your BF.

4. The ‘I Probably Wouldn’t Tell You This If We Were Sober’
Yup, it gets worse. WHYYYYYY do you find yourself pouring out all of your secrets? Every single deepest, darkest secrets secret to your SO *crawls into a cave and never returns*

5. The ‘I Can’t Believe You Did That.’
No alcohol induced night out happens without a ‘lil bit of bickering, and usually it happens over the most stupid thing. A few glasses in you end up asking how many partners there were before you, and even though you know you won’t get an answer you like, you ask it anyway. And fall out with him when he tells you the truth. Ugh, you can never win with alcohol.

6. The ‘Omg I’m SOOOOOO Hungry’
I mean, you probably just finished your dinner a couple of hours ago, but after a few ciders you find yourself craving a big McDonald’s. And you’re past the point of caring if your partner will judge you or not.  If he expresses an urge to share a chicken nugget box with you, he’s a keeper.

7. The ‘How Annoying Are X,Y and Z.’
Most likely bitching about your friends and commenting on how they live their lives. ‘Omg, can you believe they just booked a holiday? They’ve just been away!’ It’s just as well you’re both perfect, really.

8. The ‘Wow, You Are Really Good Looking’
‘And I would defos snog the face off you.’ Things might get a bit hazy after a night of drinking, and your partner suddenly transforms into Tom Hardy (not that you don’t fancy them anyway, of course!)

9.  The ‘I Love You More’, ‘NO. I love YOU more.’
Ewwww, why all the cheese? Once that vodka is flowing through your system there is no going back. You’ve become of ‘they’ couples you’ve always hated. And there’s probably a fair bit of public affection happening too. If any of your friends ever heard you talking like this, they'd make fun of you forever.

10. The discussion of how bad your hangover will be.
Probably a reeeeally bad one, and also the discussion of whether you’ll actually remember anything you spoke about the next day. Oops.

Written by Eve MacDonald (

Featured Image Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment

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