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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Pretty 52 | 12 Signs You're In A Relationship With Your Phone

Let's be honest, we all constantly have our phones in our hands. From checking our Facebook notifications to scrolling through Instagram posts, we're never without it. We feel lost when we're parted and like to have it by ours sides. But wait....doesn't that sound like a relationship?

Maybe we're closer to our phones than we realised.

1. Your phone knows you better than you know yourself. - Maybe you've forgotten when a friend's birthday is or what time you booked your dentist appointment for. But your 'lil iPhone has got yo' back.

2. It requires a lot of commitment. - Those late night don't just happen by themselves. It's caused by numerous Instagram stalking sessions.

3. It's there for you when you need someone. - Especially those awkward train journeys home from work where you can't be bothered talking to anyone else.

4. It keeps you warm at night. - It's really just your battery overheating because you've used it too much though...

5. You're starting to see your friends less because of it. - But you message them 24/7 so that still counts, right? Right?!

6. Nothing is more panic-inducing than realising you've left your phone at home. - How will you survive without it!!

7. The first thing you do when you wake up is grab your phone. - And the last thing you do at night is check it 'just incase' something major is happening.

8. You can't really find the words to describe how you feel about the situation. - Just because your life partially exists on a screen doesn't make it any less real.

9. You look for random locations to stealthily plug in your phone while out and about. - It's an obsession really, but your battery just CAN'T run out.

10. You constantly post on social media with heavily-filtered pictures you’ve taken of insignificant things encountered throughout your day. - You don't actually know why. You just do.

11. You're very protective over it. - Um, why do you want to see my phone? It's mines.

12. The thought of dropping it and cracking the screen makes your whole world come to a devastating halt. - You'd never be able to survive the break up.

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